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  1. What an amazing video Porsche made for showing the reason behind why Porsche Design has been followed through out all the cars. Amazing logic, detailing, angles and shots.
  2. Rotary in engines too, all I know about rotary is in AC compressor as smaller AC comes with rotary compressor that is amazingly awesome on electric bills, but fails in super extreme heat of 50+. Is this also have the same story?
  3. @danny thats a nice list of RTA fines you shared, I am just curious where are the usual killer fines of overspeeding of most expensive speeding camera radars that break the budget every second month. Secondly what's with smuggling people fine? RTA also check the visa and if person travelling with you has no visa then they fine the driver? or something else, any clue?
  4. Just came back and I am surprised to see this thread here.....! What's so big deal about it.....? Almost everyone knows this now and it's no longer a hush hush secret. Buy and sell cars from Dubizzle with its own style as explained above by someone that list all condition to detest car dealers. While buying ask seller to send you picture of mulkia and service history and then will talk further to eliminate dealers with fake or reversed kms cars.
  5. IMHO many people here doesn't even understand a basic difference in forum vs club. I guess it's a regional problem, as they have been always part of groups and club and they think forum is another club and by joining new forum they will be badged as betraying member of their club or group. It's not the case guys, you can be part of 100 forums as it's only made for knowledge sharing without any boundaries or terming as "my club" or "your club". I have been very active on few Porsche forums inside and outside the UAE and get my car perfectly fixed without any useless expense by educating my
  6. I have been there twice with my friends but havent seen you guys there......too bad.
  7. carswitch takes 90 minutes for car evaluation and testing and then after a week arranging a viewing from few people sounds more than the time we spend on individual car buyer visit. Scary and more time-consuming process and still get low-number offer.
  8. I wouldn't recommend buying such sensitive and critical item from scrap or the duplicate after-market option. Go with OEM so you can be rest assure it works fine for long time.
  9. If you got to Dubai Police website and Inquire about traffic fine and payment from below link, it shows the vehicle number plate picture along with fine date and timing. How it can be wrong.....? https://www.dubaipolice.gov.ae/dp/jsps/services/traffic/fines/fines_query.do
  10. That's a very nice car blessed with equally beautiful toned exhaust note. Thumbs up.
  11. This looks one hell of a ride man, unfortunately Al futtaim here only brings the industrial type pickup here in UAE and not these nice looking hilux here. I have heard lot about Hilux from my friend who lives in Sweden and he praises the Hilux capability more than LC and FJC.
  12. That's a good choice Jasper, how much you paid....? And is it 09 or 10?
  13. If I am not wrong something very similar concept, design and idea has been developed by Porsche as well. Looks like all car manufacturers are after autonomous cars and see who will succeed the first.
  14. Boxster2005, call that faour guy and visit them as they have very good solution for Porsche as that guy (Abu hassan) himself is a porsche enthusiasts, and only deals with Porsche servicing. Make sure you call and discuss spark plug change prior to appoitment so that he can arrange plugs if he don't have same for your car. Pretty knowledgeable, humble and genuine (honest) guy.
  15. For change frequency elvis is quiet right in above explanation. By not changing spark plug in time, you will start missing the engine performance especially on low revs initially and then across the full power band. You will feel rough idling and sluggish response if plugs are not change in time. Better go here and see what you have: http://www.ngksparkplugs.com/part_finder/car_truck_suv/default.asp?mode=nml Changing plug in any Porsche is not too difficult and it's not too easy, it's a reasonably moderate job and experience mechanic can change all plugs in less than an hour max. Which boxster
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