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  1. When should one change the cabin air filters?
  2. When you feel too much pressure on the tires or the level of the car seems to go down, it means tire pressure is low.
  3. Well you cannot really do anything about it but you can either cut the shield which is chipped so that the remaining shield doesn't get destroyed. This is permanent solution. Otherwise you can remove the complete shield and put a new one
  4. I want to change the car tire but the lug nut is so rusty and stuck that it doesn’t come out. How can I pull it out? I heard it’s possible to pull a stuck nut using heat. Now really sure how to do that. Please someone expliain.
  5. Hissing noise means that somewhere the temperature of your car engine is not normal. Your engine is getting overheated because of coolant leak. You can check if there is any temperature warning light On on your car dash. Take your car to the service center immediately.
  6. Sometimes you can just judge the battery by only looking at it. If you see any broken terminal, it means the car battery is going bad. Some things like bumping battery case, loose terminals of the battery or a short circuit are cases of bad battery. Otherwise you can check the battery using the voltemeter test. Connect the voltmeter with the terminals of your car battery and check the reading. If the voltage comes less than 11.0 V, then there is a chance that your battery had a short circuit.
  7. Please share what things you keep in mind when you for the monthly service of your car?
  8. I went there dude. But frankly speaking, i didnt like the quality over there. I felt as if they are selling something which is easily breakable. And they didnt even speak about any warranty or anything. Is there any other place, where I can find it? Please!
  9. Hey people. Can anyone help me judging the used Toyota Yaris. A client wants to sell a toyotaYaris, 2005 model. I am not sure whetr to go for it or not. Not really sure with the hatchback cars. Please suggest!
  10. Hey guys. I have Kia Sportage, 2011 model. I need to buy a baby seater for my 3 years old son. He is really naughty, and I need to keep him in a baby seater occupied with his toya so that I can concentrate on my driving. Can anyone tell me where can i get the baby seat for a car?
  11. What are the common problems in an automatic transmission?
  12. That really horrible Paddy. And you are absolutely right. One should be aware of such fraud people. I know many people who suffered the same way as you did. Feeling sorry for you man!
  13. Oh ya. Even i heard about this before. Just imagine! A city of Audi cars where every man works for Audi only, and they all own Audi cars. So Classy and dreamy it is.
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