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  1. Any day, narrow is good choice as explained by Milan.
  2. However there are other good German brand of cars too in the market like Merc and BMW.
  3. thanks guys it was sorted. really thank the members for the warm response.
  4. the fuse of the button may need changing.
  5. sharjah BMW market have a HUGE collection.
  6. No, i gave car to my brother who lives in Ajman and they have some well experienced garage especial one for BMW, Range Rover and Porsche only in Industrial area 1 opp GMC hospital. I am not sure but i think that guy put refurbished one as it costed me less or closer to 1000 dhs and he kept the faulty one.
  7. Very true on Internet thought, i highly agree as i have taken lot of due diligence stuff from online forums and people advises. Im not yet on DIY on my ride, but will try some day.
  8. Thanks Nehmaiz, good guess. My ride alternator was not working ocassionally, and after that when i came home it never started back so assumed that battery power made it thru. Changed the alternator and it was all back to normal.
  9. while driving today the car suddenly stopped as it loss power waited for 5 min and car started again what is the reason for this?
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