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  1. The airflow of the air conditioner in my Jazz, 2010 model is reducing, I don’t know why
  2. Code reader helps in reading the trouble codes in the car. One uses the scan tool as the code reader to understand the trouble code and then diagnosing the issue.
  3. Hey guys. Howz everyone doing! People. I have a question about my Cayenne, 2006 model. The cooking system pipes always get overheated, I don't know why. Its really annoying now.
  4. How to choose the racing spark plug for 911?
  5. How much are the charges for complete brake job in Toyota Corolla?
  6. Another reason that causes idle surging is bad head gasket as well. That is something serious because it needs complete replacement.
  7. How much does it cost to replace the timing belt in the engine, any idea?
  8. Oh ya Man! The traffic in JBR is really too much. The complete area gets blocked. I ws stuck in traffic today morning for amost 2 hours. And it was sunny, so didnt really enjoy there. And you knwo what guys! JBR is always occupied something or the other constructio every single time. It really irritates sometimes.
  9. Every re-refined oil needs to meet the specification of all API and OEM expected performance. So if you are buying a re-refined oil, make sure that is OEM performance approved. If it is, yes, it is safe to use.
  10. Well, i know three points: 1. Design issues: When the gasket design is not as per the specification of the vehicle, they tend to fail 2. Installation: When there is any mistake in installing the head gasket in the engine, they will surely fail in the near future. 3. Leaking: If there is coolant leak, head gasket are mostly affected by it and the internal coolant leak is abserved in the same. So thats also one reason, why they fail.
  11. Whever there is a vibration in the engine or the transmision, motor mounts helps in preventing that noise and vibration to the rest of the auto parts in a car.
  12. Hey people. Please discuss some tips on safe long drives or long journeys in the car.
  13. Hey guys. Can anyone tell me what causes the oil consumption in the car to go high?
  14. Hey guys. Please recommend the service interval for the Mercedes brand. When to give for servicing?
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