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  1. I remember my friend who bought tires online. It was a complete fraud. They delivered old tires instead of new ones. And when my friend wanted to complain about the same, they never answered their calls or emails. He had to find out the address of the firm and directly complained about it to the consumer court. Though everything was sorted at the end, but the overall experience with the online tire buying was a bad one.
  2. I think one is green and other one is orange coolant
  3. Well you can use the used bumpers, hoods, headlights, wheels and hubcaps. In the interiors you can use door panel, seats, wood pieces, dashboards(which are not broken), steering wheels can be used as used.
  4. How can i judge if the gas that i am using in my car is not a cheap gas?
  5. How can I adjust the end gaps of the piston rings in Galant, 2010 model.
  6. How to replace the motor mounts in Mitsubishi Grandis
  7. I noticed these days that the iron piston rings are changing to steel piston rings. But why is this happening?
  8. Absolutely Bro! I tell my sister the same thing but she never understands. I am driving Honda Civic from 7 years now and i got the fuel filter changed only twice, when it was actually needed. And my car is running really smooth. No problem at all!
  9. How will I know if there is an issue in the electric fan of my car?
  10. What is the difference between automatic climate control and manual A/C?
  11. Well all the manual cars comes with some or the other problem in the clutch in later future. I was driving a manual car for at least 5 years, so will mention the most common clutch problems I faced in my car: Wore/Tore Disc: The wearing out of clutch disc was the most common in cutch problems I faced in my car. There is a frictional material used in the clutch disc which is same as of brake pads or brake shows in a car. When the material starts wearing out, the clutch starts to slip. This is the most common issue that everybody has to phase. The only solution to this is replacing the clutch disc after regular time intervals. Well to avoid this issue, just maintain your car properly. You had to have to replace the clutch disc in regular time interval. Clutch Sticking: Sometimes when the speed of the clutch disc and flywheel doesn’t match, the clutch starts sticking and continues the process of turning the input shaft. It results into grinding noise and sometimes it’s impossible to change the gear when the clutch is sticky. To avoid this problem, don’t press or release the clutch rapidly, as the speed of the disc with the flywheel needs to maintain proportionally. Work clutch bearing: The throw out bearing which helps in releasing the clutch worn out in this type of problem. You will generally realize some sort of rumbling noise when you press the clutch. Hard clutch: You realize this issue when the pressing or releasing of clutch becomes really hard and difficult. The way you can avoid this issue by maintaining proper cycling or releasing pressing the clutch and do not over rule the clutch to perform. Also take care of the hydraulic system of the car as the blockage in the same can also cause hard clutch.
  12. One alternator is that you can vacuum the condensation out from the AC. That will surely help, m sure.
  13. Nice, i liked the concept. I am thinking for matt finish too. Do you have some more ideas for Camry?
  14. Ya, it is. I just got the tire pressure settled in proper manner.
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