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  1. Well the typical issue with any low profile tires is that wheel get ding dang so fast and so much that driver dont even feel that they are getting damaged. If your concern is general clean up then turtle and formula 1 make excellent wheel cleaner that you can use on weekly basis and keep them clean and shinning.
  2. Generally spare parts have six months warranty but they also last for 3-5 years easy. Provided they are original and not number 2 or 3 from parallel market, which is hard to tell whether they are 100% original or not, but show there colors in life. Just for experiment this time you buy original spare by yourself from Al Naboodah and see how much they last.
  3. My 2005 Porsche Boxster recently showing PSM and ABS light on on dashboard, any clue what should be the first step to do after getting panic. I truly don't have time to drop car for weeks with Al nabooda, as i am stuck with so many projects at my work currently. Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  4. Danny, I know what you feel mate. We share same feeling and there are many times i feel Posrche should have added rocket launcher in my car like batman car. lol. So that i can hit those idiot who dont have lane sense or dont know how to communicate with rear driver by seeing them in rear view mirror and still drive shamelessly at 80 in hi speed lane. Looks like driving school here teaching only half a lesson here, to when to move in the fast lane and not teaching when to exit. Back in Germany on freeway people leave lanes even if they see speeding car behind them with a 1-2 km distance. May be its time to device some fines for these slow drivers that adds to road traffic with their stupidity and delay everyone.
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