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  1. I also heard these things in many offroad usage car when person looses GPS signal as soon as it goes real offrad, away from buildings and network area. I guess the reason was the metallic content used in the screen that created an interference with the GPS signal most. I have not hear of mobile signal also getting block in such tint. Secondly this issue has been shared on extreme hi-end tint that costs 3k and above guarantee the 90% reduction on all greatest and brightest rays bla bla. Thirdly this will only impact if front screen is also covered with clear tint, In case you only got the windows then it's fine.
  2. Second point is small suv comes with smaller engine like 1.5 - 2.5 range and some performance suv comes with turbo, so this segment very well cater second main driver in any family like wife, sisters, younger brother etc. Infact this car designed very well as compared to Touareg and it looks better than Touareg to me, followed 1/3 golden principal of design and proportion very neatly.
  3. My 06 Cayenne liftgate is opening and then after few seconds sag down few inches and then stay fine. Is there any adjustment needed or just liftgate is gone bad or dying...? Appreciate any advice in right direction please. Thanks.
  4. Not sure about most reliable as I have never used one, but most famous and most seen is Tiida and Yaris. Btw Civic is not in same league as it compares with Sunny and Corolla league.
  5. Ramy trading is the best bet for metal bumpers and I think 90% they have the TJM as well. I got few lights last year from them and very happy with the quality and pricing. I am not sure on bushranger, as I have never seen they make any bumper too...! You can also get another good brand is ARB http://www.purefjcruiser.com/images/3420210.jpg
  6. Thanks guys, will check around today. 24 hours idea sounds interesting but let's see if present owner of car agrees to go so late to avoid rush.
  7. Hi Fellas, I wanna get one car comprehensive test done this week, and want to know which Tasjeel around downtown (closest) is less crowded after 6 pm? I have tried once barsha tasjeel and wasted 3 hours in queue, hope there is some place faster around. Thanks.
  8. This is nothing for new tech and experiment in cars and internet. Latest is our Android phones have been targeted by hackers now: Almost 1 billion Android phones at risk, can be hacked by text http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/tech-news/Almost-1-billion-Android-phones-at-risk-can-be-hacked-by-text/articleshow/48247629.cms
  9. Where is Emirates Bank mate, biggest bank in country ENBD.............!
  10. Definitely luxury as my first choice and then whatever reasonable performance it comes with. Performance lives while kicking the red light for just few seconds and luxury serves for 90% of the ride time.
  11. I had a V6 Cayenne, not to mention poor roof upholstery that start sagging from back and slowly sags too much like a parachute inside the cabin that you can't see the rear view. Nabooda fix only less than 3 years old car within warranty. German glue gives up in Dubai heat after few years and foam dies inside the alcantra fabric and starting falling apart, that's the explanation I got from guy who fixed mine for 2500 AED in al quoz area. Replacement cost is 11k.
  12. Seriously guys....... .......common. This will again impact hugely on the lower income group expatriates and make life even more hand to mouth.
  13. Hey fellas, want to check if any of you got a word for the best LED light bar for offroad use. I have tried hella and the IPF lights on hood, roof and bumper and thinking of exploring the LED route this time. May be some of you know some brand or product that is proven by your experience, please share, thx.
  14. Sorry buddy, my bad: http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/transport/rta-s-new-sharekni-app-makes-car-pooling-easier-1.1548467
  15. This subject always surprise me to the great extent, as every now and then in news I read that someone got fined for carpooling and someone's car got confiscated for giving ride to a colleague who work with him and so on.......! Today morning in Gulf News I found below news and I was shocked that how come RTA is doing something that Dubai Police is fining for....? What's the connection and can someone please help me understand this better, as I have three of my office colleague within 1 kms radius and I love to consider car pooling if it's legal here in Dubai. Thanks. RTA’s new Sharekni app makes car-pooling easier Service aims to address issue of traffic congestion by reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road
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