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  1. Why no recalls for Roof lining? only 3 years old and the lining is off, calling these guys they are charging 18K to fix it I am a BIG fan of this car but with such silly things happening i dont know what to think.
  2. i have changed the timing belt and even changed the foundation and the fuel pump. this if changed separately at different time i would have spent a lot but in total i only spent 1500.
  3. Dont think they can be repaired. they will need to be changed.
  4. horn if u want to modify go to a good mechanic in sharjah.
  5. what all weird problems porsche cars bring up...
  6. once the automatic suspension is disabled, it can be fixed at a height.
  7. the one you got installed was from where?
  8. how much did you spend to fix this problem of yours.
  9. its 90K i checked in few websites and hoping to buy one myself.
  10. fog light are not used here much and i have seen load in the sharjah scrap market.
  11. i am thinking of getting the rims of my car changed. good and durable. Any experts advise on where i can find them?
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