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  2. I think you're mixing between Al Nabooda and Volkswagen. They're two different things. But the case is pretty much the same with most stealers... I mean dealers.
  3. I can confirm what Taqir says - it's the case with 95% of all vehicles on this platform, the Q7, the Touareg and the Cayenne. Never ask for a full tank at the gas station. They'll overflow it filling to the cap, and that's never good with the tank venting, etc.
  4. Just a short note on your Ah challenges. The Amp-hour rating is just one of the battery parameters that you've got to look for, there's internal resistance as well, which is as important. In general, you should be fine, as long as the battery fits its housing. I'd recommend against fitting a larger battery, even though "shop assistants" will tell you it will fit... There's the factor of securely fitting the battery in its housing, which is designed to a particular size. Your alternator is also rated to charge a battery of certain power rating and parameters, there is some risk to overloading your alternator electronics when you fit a larger battery, although the risk with 5Ah is relatively low. Good luck! Just my $0.00002
  5. Gaurav: applied the Gold stuff, no stickiness? Maybe when not applied correctly? Do you take your car somewhere for the wax or you've got a person doing the washing/waxing for you? I've just gotten some pretty bad bonnet scratches from a car wash (power washer was getting unfiltered water, so you can imagine the sandy particles under umpteen bar pressure hitting your paint, a freaking disaster). So long for the "quality" of manual washing, duh. Milan: Thanks for the reply, I'm aware of the brands, just wanted to ask if anyone has had personal/direct experience in using, would appreciate any feedback. Do you get your F1 and/or Carnauba wax applied in a particular place, or you do it yourself? Thanks everyone for sharing.
  6. A few thoughts on car care - interior and exterior. Dubai (and the UAE in general) is a bit different - we're spoiled and/or have a bunch of excuses so as why we do not take a great deal of care of our cars (don't have the right conditions/facilities, don't have the time, etc.) I have spent a few days last year testing out different waxes and the overall effect of wax in our climate, and my test shows that wax makes a great deal of sense - after applying wax to my Cayenne (yep, did it myself, took time and effort, sweated quite a bit, but hey, I'm an enthusiast, or at least I want to think I am), the results were both lasting and rewarding. Leave the car shine - dust didn't stick to my car and I didn't have to wash it every other day. Obviously, the car was shining and the paint looked like new for 10 days or so, was very easy to wash (reduced the surface tension of the water by quite a bit). Tried a couple of wax products - the cheap "Armorall" and a few a bit more expensive products, but I wonder what would be the difference with the high-end stuff that is available online. Wonder if anyone has tried any of the high-end stuff? Also, on the interior - got Meguiar's Gold Class, going to try it out soon. Have almost ruined my leather with a few products, so I'm a bit weary of this one. Any feedback of stuff you have tried on your leather is appreciated.
  7. That's true, but as I said - I'd take it with a grain of salt, not everyone here is in the same boat. There are a few people that are here to advertise services, etc. which is perfectly fine with me, just if someone does it under the pretext of being a regular Porsche owner and soliciting services - that just ticks me off. Hell, even I posted a garage review of sorts when I had like 2 posts under my belt So not trying to take anything from you or undermine your effort, just wanted to see more posts related to building the community, and a bit less on the "workshops and garages you can go to". But that helps as well, I suppose. Cheers.
  8. Just a piece of advice I stumbled upon when researching my CD problem - don't try inserting any other CD into the unit while a CD is already in there. There's a trick in the Rennlist forums, describing how to get out a stuck CD using a credit card, just run a quick search on Rennlist. But never try pushing another CD in, can damage quite a few things!
  9. Would take it with a grain of salt - any garage reports by folks who have just a few posts under their belt just don't count in my book. There are garages with big claims and poor workmanship quality/culture all over the world. It's effing hard to find a proper one and stick with it - they tend to change over time - get cocky or ignorant at some point when they think they've won you as a loyal customer.
  10. Does happen sometime with non-factory (home burned) CDs. Not a major worry, seems to always be able to eject them after leaving the car off for a few minutes. Some claim it's the slight difference of the CD media thickness. It does happen to a few of my home-burned CDs.
  11. Typical case for a new battery. Been there, done that. Just listen to techy advice, and change the battery whenever you can. Ain't urgent, that fault is something that just pops up because of the way power management shuts down modules to conserve power when it detects that it doesn't have enough juice to work with.
  12. An updated on the HID bulbs: as I said previously, one of my low-beam/high-beam xenon lights burned out. Bought replacement bulbs (see above), had a few minutes today, so quickly went down and installed one to see how it would look like. Looked very good! An easy DIY, takes less than 10 minutes (took me 5 minutes to find gloves and put'em on). All explained very well in the manual (page 295 on my Cayenne Turbo driver's manual), with pictures, etc. A piece of advice: do not touch the HID lightbulb glass. If you absolutely must do it, wear cotton gloves. I couldn't find cotton, used rubber ones, but didn't touch the glass. Always switch off the ignition and take the key out. When buying bulbs, I recommend staying with the same or similar wattage (35W for the Cayenne), apparently my replacement bulb was the same brand (Sylvania OSRAM Xenarc), but the color was a little bit different - the new bulbs were whiter, while the older ones were more towards the blue-white. That's why you've got to replace both, or you'll end up looking like me today The price - way lower than the dealership, about $150 for both, not sure about how do they sell aftermarket around town.
  13. Oh yeah, heard that the low beam bulbs are AED 750 each at the st... dealer. EACH! I bought a set of 2 for $150. Easily 50% less, the ones I bought are brighter for the same current rating and wattage, so I should be better off all the way.
  14. Hey all. Here's some of my little DIY jobs and notes for fellow Porsche owners: Front hood strut Price: $12.95 from FCP Euro parts (http://www.fcpeuro.com/products/porsche-hood-strut-cayenne-uro-parts-95551135900) Was really annoyed by my hood strut giving way, always had to get a stick or something hold the hood. Shop'n'shipped it in a few days along with some other parts, and was amazed how easy it is to replace. A quick snap-on, less than 30 seconds, just make sure someone is holding the hood, or you've got it secured with a stick. It's a clip-in assembly, so no bolts or torx, nothing to disassemble. Particle/Cabin filter Price: $6.11 (yes, you read this right, from FCP Euro http://www.fcpeuro.com/products/audi-porsche-volkswagen-cabin-air-filter-q7-cayenne-touareg-042-2086) In our dusty environment this thing gets pretty dusty fast, suggest changing it every years, or two years tops. Given the price and effort involved, it's a no-brainer. Just remove the plastic cover under the glovebox, instructions are in the maintenance manual I posted in the other thread. 5-10 minutes if you're taking it easy, a straight-forward DIY. Air filter Price: $17.11 each (you will need two on a Cayenne S/Turbo, on offer fromn FCP Euro parts http://www.fcpeuro.com/products/audi-porsche-air-filter-q7-cayenne-95511013100) Was pretty happy with Mahle, they seem to be making some pretty reasonable stuff, I'm also buying some other Mahle stuff, so stay put for more feedback, but so far so good! Remember that you need two filters for the 4.5L engine, one for each cylinder set. Make sure the engine is cool, because lots of plastic bits get quite brittle when hot. Again, the instructions are in the PDF I uploaded in the other thread, but it isn't as straight-forward as the previous two jobs, this one requires a bit more time and patience. The plastic engine cover needs to come off, along with some pipes. If you're really patient, and doing it for the first time, it should take about 15-20 minutes. Headlight bulbs My left headlight xenon bulb turned purple and started blinking, going out a short while after that. Ordered replacement bulbs - Sylvania (Price: $154.71 for both bulbs from AutoPartsWarehouse, there's always a discount coupon, just search in Google, you would typically get 15% or so), 4150K, you've got to change both, otherwise it would look weird with two different bulb colors I'll let you know how it goes once I receive and install them. I've also ordered oil filters for my next oil change, but that's not really a DIY. Since my rear hatch window won't stay up, as well as the trunk lid, I have ordered support struts for it (again FCP Euro, $8.97 each, from http://www.fcpeuro.com/products/porsche-hatch-window-strut-rear-cayenne-uro-parts-95551252800), and support struts for the trunk. Haven't had the time on putting those, but have seen the YouTube how-to video and have ordered some trim removal tools as well. As you can see, nothing fancy so far. I'll update this thread with the new stuff as it happens
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