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  1. tried it and it worked exactly like how vishesh said. thanks
  2. repaint of bumper will not cost you more then 300 AED.
  3. X service center are very good too.
  4. your car is due for servicing thats is why you get this warning.
  5. i the terminal is loose then it can be fetal get a professional to look at the car.
  6. If car in warranty, better stick to dealer and get these stuff sorted at Al futtaim.
  7. when the car is not serviced on time the engine oil will change color as its getting over use. it can be that something else is mixing with the oil. when the car is serviced and still this happens then you can check further for problems.
  8. It is better to replace it as broken antenna cant be fixed.
  9. spray some WD40 in the inner part of drum where it is joint to the axle, after 10 minutes hit a hammer where the arrows are. The drums will come off.
  10. it is the mechanic who can advise you. but i dont think u need additional parts.
  11. There is nothing to worry until or unless you find anything unusual with your car.
  12. Belated Eid Mubarak to you too. Best tires that i always drive is bridgestone. Make sure you get the temp rating A or B tires (A being better than . Ideal tire pressure is 30 psi in front and 32 psi in rear.
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