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  1. The alternator of my Ford Focus is dead. My model is 2010 model. Does anyone know why is it happening?
  2. Hey. Somebody heard a news for tram in Dubai. I mean I loved the concept. The options of public transport is increasing which is a good thing.
  3. Generally it's between 13.8 to 14.3 volts when the engine is idle with all the lights and other parts and accessories are off in the car.
  4. Hey people. Since we spend lot of money on buying a good car for us and our family, one should also take care of small things like servicing and stuff. So I want to ask, what are the common issues that one faces in their car and there is no chance that you can ignore such things. Please share.
  5. Hey guys. I have a question. I have heard about electric power steering, but can anyone tell me how it works?
  6. It’s a tool which looks like this. You can either buy this or rent it from the workshop or auto parts shop.
  7. Yes, they do! They have to. Talk to the executive directly about this and tell hi how disappointed you are. I am sure, he/she can take an action.
  8. You can use the needle noise pliers to remove the broken spark plug.
  9. Loud noise from the engine can be because of the exhaust system. May be there is some leak in the exhaust and the gas is blowing out. You need to check the exhaust system. Just follow the sound and try to get to the exhaust system and check if there is any gas/air blowing out with the help of a paper.
  10. Hey peeps. Please discuss tips on how to maintain the car battery in order to avoid any corrosion or early death of the battery.
  11. How will I know if the engine of my car is losing power?
  12. What is the cost of replacing the fuel line of 2000 Toyota Corolla?
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