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  1. Salaam all. want to share mi sad story for wrong checking and wrong expending money and still problem same same harara all time. mi car was overheat in desert as soon i enter all. On road no problems at 140 kms. Get car check and mechanic says radiator cleaning is needed, get that but still big heating in desert, then doubted changing the radiator is needed so changed that but still same heating in desert within 5 km. Then mechanic says may be 4wd system making heat and check that and change the oil filter with gear oil also, same story. Changed the radiator cap it might be leaking pressure in stress from al futtaim original part. Nothing work, then changed mechanic and share all the problem and big list of things changed. He advise, changed the radiator fan (very expensive) and car now ok al hamdulilah. biglesson for me and evryone to always taketwo mechanic advise, before so many items change. i Hope my story help one guy in dubai. Good night.
  2. before you change them try to get the setting changed maybe they may have gone loose you can get them tighten.
  3. good initiative !!!! let me see if i have friends who would like to go may a hatta drive or Oman will be good.
  4. for toyota its an ocean of workshops that will do a good job 4x4, AAA and one of the finest and i dont find them expensive too.
  5. Go to dynatrade, thats where i switched to lately. They are efficient, less expensive and less arrogant. My two cents.
  6. Waited for 2 hrs just to hand over the keys of my car for normal 5000 km service.......! What a customer service boy. Collected car next day.
  7. i am looking at the engine and clueless as in the video where the camshaft sensor is suppose to be its not there. can someone guide me?
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