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  1. Toyota Surf and Toyota Crown And there are a lot more infamous japanese cars!
  2. I was driving my white charger r/t and this car just changed into my lane... I asked my wife to take this shot when I saw the red R/T badge... I have exactly the same badge on my car... 😁😁... If i were that person... I would do... SRT...
  3. Hay... I love the LS460 as well. if you happened to buy one. Please share your experience! I am thinking of selling both of my current two cars and buy one decent car. LS460 is on top of my list. Thanks
  4. Has anyone tried removing some extra weights of the car and felt a noticeable power up? I am thinking of removing the spare tyre and the third row seats on my fortuner. cos' I seldom used the seats and used only 1 time of spare wheel in 2 years. I am starting to feel like they are not necessary on my car. As I don't have space to keep them, I am gonna have to leave them somewhere as I removed them. So, before I make my decision, just wanna know if anyone has done it and found it worthy! a little faster acceleration will be nice i think...
  5. I have 2009 fortuner. My hand breaks were not good since a long time ago. I told them on every servicing with Al Futtaim and all they did was adjusting the string and told me it's normal and my brake pads are still thick and good. (sometimes, i am even driving with the hand brakes on... and didn't notice the difference) Recently, I went to the registration renewal right after the 70,000km servicing, my rear brakes failed & Hand brakes failed too . So, the car failed for the registration. I went back to Al Futtaim. They did the adjustment again and they registered the car for me. and it passed. I paid over 700dhs (no parts were changed but they did the whole break system cleaning) and collected my car... The hand brake?? still the same... I still can drive with it on. And then, i got a new problem... start the engine, apply the breaks, put the gear to "D" and release the breaks... but the car wouldn't move an inch... I had to step on the accelerator. Another problem, when i put on the brakes at the slow speed, the front side of the car made unpleasant vibration before the car stopped. I got a little pissed and went to a random garage... they checked and they said... the front brake pads need to be changed. Okie... I changed them in that garage and asked them to fix my hand brakes too. They checked and found out that the differential oil was leaking and brake shoes got wet and slippery in the rear brakes. Ohh yeah... I fixed it, I fixed it all in one day... it costed around 1,100dhs in total, all brake pads and shoes were changed, all seals were changed and the labour cost. And now... my brakes are as good as a new car... I still have 8-9 more months of my car's 5 years warranty... but i'm saying goodbye to Al Futtaim for further servicing and fixing... I knew I was paying a lot extra on the dealer servicing... but I thought it's best for my car. and I would have a peace of mind...
  6. Normal engines are called in-line engines. they mostly have 4 cylinders which are all placed in the same orientation. And there is one piston in each cylinder. In 4 cylinders engine, all the pistons move in the same direction... so the camshaft (which is a metal rod rotating to give the output power) will be pushed to rotate by 4 pistons from the same direction. In V engines, the cylinders are placed in a "V" shape. For example in V6 engine, there are 6 cylinders. 3 cylinders are placed on the left side of the "V" and the other 3 on the other side. So, the camshaft will be pushed to rotate by 6 pistons from two different directions... So, now you can imagine how V8, V12 and even W12 engines work... same concept... And there is also opposed engine. cylinders are placed opposite sides. Go find some animations of how engines work on youtube... they are really interesting... and other parts as well like transmissions, differentials... etc
  7. really?? Okie.... I will check it out there... Thanks...
  8. Hi, do you know any place where I can customize Angel Eye head light... I thought I had to replace the whole headlights... but I have seen some pictures on the internet... they just install the Angel Eye into the existing headlights... I'm wondering if i can do mine in Dubai. Thanks
  9. thanks guys... I will try Dynatrade...
  10. When I was new in dubai, I went for a desert safari. It was in a Land Cruiser... It was scary and good experience. There was a burnt SUV car frame upside down, in the middle of the desert where we passed by. The driver said... "it's Prado... We stopped using Prado for safari after that incident". I hope this helps with your decision... And! I really respect the Land Cruiser. Whenever I see them on the road, I never ignore them... really NEVER...
  11. If you are still after Fortuner, go for 4.0ltr man. You pay around 10,000 dhs extra... but what you will get for that is a lot more worth than that money. and The fuel consumption is not that different although the engine power is quite different. Different transmission speeds, you will get more features, and the roof rails (i really want them... )... I never regret having bought my fortuner but I regret for not choosing 4.0 option whenever I see one on the road...
  12. Hi Guys... I have 2009 2.7ltr fortuner. Al Futtaim is charging a lot for the servicing, taking all day long and still they miss some checks... I'm tired of them... And I'm thinking about the servicing outside. Where do you recommend guys? I live in Al Nahda (Dubai side). Thanks...
  13. Hi... I have the same one 2.7ltr 2009. I feel them weak as well on my daily use... But, I had to do the hard breaking the other day at a signal, they did their job well and I didn't bump into the other car in the front. My breaks are not really weak after all... I was just feeling it. Maybe yours are the same...
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