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  1. Escalade too bling bling is too bad, need to be sober down. I like the two seat second row, very creative and practically designed.
  2. Well here when cars, fuel, reg, insurance are so cheap to own unlike other expensive countries I don't think anyone want to stick to 10 years with single ride. I drive two cars: my daily commute I change in 1-2 years and weekend offroad ride 4-5 years tops.
  3. These numbers are hilarious, surprising and amazing. Wish someone can do this questionnaire in UAE and see how much results we get here......!
  4. Insanely awesome fb post I found from 9gag. Very artistically drawn.
  5. Many thanks Kris, that's exactly I am looking for something the pic you posted. Will check with Ramy and see how expensive it gets. farook: Thanks mate, do you know any specific shop there in that market...?
  6. Appreciate if someone can share the known acquaintance or contact of experienced shop for sourcing a metal bumper for FJ Cruiser and also get additional bash plate sorted with neat fabrication and reasonable pricing. Is TJM or Bush ranger offroad bumpers available in Dubai or in UAE as I have seen few bush ranger products like sand matts and compressor at ACE hardware but never seen any offorad bumper. Any clue is highly appreciated fox. Thx.
  7. That's damn F.Crazy and stupid for all of us to stick that fugly sticker on the front screen. I rem last when I checked with salik toll free girl told me to stick it front facing outside and anywhere it can be seen by the scanner, what a load of #$#$^%^$%#$&^% Thanks a lot Amithjp, in my next car now I know where to keep it.
  8. Really...? Facing inside or outside? As when you say sun visor means if its folded (facing inside) it's under the car roof metal, correct me if I am wrong? And still it works? woah.
  9. From the news what it looks is legal, provided you register driver and cars with RTA app of Sharekni. This is how I read it and I agree Kris inital comment that we have been hearing a lot in news about fining improper car lifts, car pooling in past. I think this is the answer for those issues of past from RTA to make this alliance secure and safe for all.
  10. Dude, it also could be possible with those shitty gel based air freshener left in car for long time locked in direct sunlight. I had similar case when I went for vacation and came back open the car and almost fainted with pukish smell of those small round tin based gel air freshener.......!
  11. I am really confused as I can't find any solid info to how to find out if my car is GCC specs or not? As in market lot of myth about GCC specs and people overcharge for same but what is the way to find out one....? Word from previous owner shouldn't be holy words as he may be wrong or have been fooled in the past.
  12. What are the general thoughts on getting car service from a dealer after the warranty is over and car is at 106,000 Kms? Like to know why should I spend double the money and wait longer, when I can get same day service from outside workshop in Al Quoz area. Any down side of those outside workshop...? Thanks in advance.
  13. Well everyone have their own choices. I just like convertibles.
  14. I don’t like convertible cars. It’s too complicated and it kinda spoils the interiors of the car.
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