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  1. 700 HP That's a Dodge Hellcat league. What's wrong with Hyundai....? That too for SUV....? And compact SUV....?
  2. Very nice comparison, and surprising to see how majority of men-kind think alike
  3. More than a test drive, im really curious about the price tag as it looks much better job than older RX honestly.
  4. pajero, shogun and montero is same, Nativa and pajero sport is same, outlander still have no other names in diff region. May be jibransayed you have seen the 2015 outlander that looks same but have big difference as pajero sport is made for good offroad to compete with FJC and Xterra, whereas outlander is normal mid-size suv for roads.
  5. Oh wow man, irrespective of engine bloody size this is Car porn, looks f%^%&& expensive and amazing. You must be serious about this to follow that far.....! Good luck.
  6. Will it apply on all the cars or only on hi-end luxury cars. Imagine making Yaris and Tiida 15% expensive means half of UAE will be carless in next 1-2 year. Actually it's good to kill the traffic. lol.
  7. Just heard in FM an hour back that refuelling in night is better than in day. Is it really true...? but why....? Liter is liter than in day or night, and if this theory is correct then how much difference it make I mean it's worth stepping out specially to get a fillup in night...? Sorry for too many questions in one go, but I can't help it.
  8. Which one is better Prado 6 cylinder or FJ cruiser....?
  9. Which one I should consider or prefer over each other 2008 Prado VX (V6) vs 2008 FJ Crusier for below three main usage: Daily driveComfortable long drives (Occasionally)Sand and Mountain drives (Once a month)
  10. So how exactly do these prius work that they have been considered as the most fuel efficient? Apart from the plug-in. i got it about the plug-in.
  11. hi guys, there is a funny sort of a problem going on in my car. when I turn the radio on, the speakers seem to be working fine however every time i listen to some music over the bluetooth the music sounds a little weird. It seems as if the music is being divided into both the speakers ... like i can hear the guitars and drums from one speaker and the person singing on the other. anyy idea about what is going on? I am sure I am not JUST listening things.
  12. Hi people. I have a toyota corolla 2011 and I have had issues with the vibration ever since I bought it. I have had the front axle assembly replaced but that did not help. I was told that the vibration is in the engine and it has something to do with high rpms. Additionally, several rattles have now shown up resulting in an increase in my frustration. I drove another toyota the other day and it did the same thing. I feel that I am stuck with a vehicle which I do not enjoy driving.
  13. Hi Tim, I have a prado but I think the connecting process is the same. Hope you understand my step by step process: - Make sure your bluetooth is 'on' and discoverable on your device - Go to the bluetooth option by using the left knob - Press the knob once you are on the bluetooth option and it will show register new phone - Press it again and turn, it will show digits - Your phone will prompt for you to enter digits shown on the screen - Enter and it should be connected.
  14. i have got the same as there was not a big difference.
  15. AAA are really very good and far better then Al futtaim.
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