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  1. Do you prefer the new version? Or Do you prefer the old one?
  2. Did you guys know that the Beetle wasn't even the official name? It was only really officially called as Volkswagen 1 or something but people called it as Beetle because of how it looked.
  3. Did you know that Volkswagen also created cars that had the rear-mount air cooled engines concept aside from the Beetle? They are namely: Fastback Notchback Squareback I guess they really like naming the cars with the word "back" on it.
  4. I don't really have one but it does seem like a good car to play around with.
  5. Did you know that a Beetle is very economical because it saves you fuel. It is very very reliable on top of stylish too. I am not really sure if there are those here that hates the looks but I really like it. It is one of a kind.
  6. Have you been able to check the fuel pump yet? If not, please check this and tell us what the spark plugs looked like before you replaced it.
  7. I was wondering if it was something I should really bother with. I don't really have much time to spend but if it is minor then I can simply bear with it. I guess you are right. I will just have it check while I still can.
  8. I have a 1974 VW Beetle and was wondering how to customize it? I am running out of ideas on how to make it a little different. I am a classic fan so I want to stay using my beetle. I do want to change it a little bit though. Anybody got an idea? I would really appreciate it if you can share your thoughts.
  9. Bend and lift the arm around 90degrees and then move the spring nob out using a screw driver. Now, while holding the nob out, let the wiper arm down.
  10. I have a Tiguan 2011 and I have been using it for years now. I just wanted to know if it is normal for this car to have a whistling sound coming from the engine? The sound is bearable but I just recently thought that if it is a problem, it might escalate into something worse.
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