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  1. Static Fuel Pressure test is the way of testing the fuel pressure. Keep the engine off and with key on you can test the fuel pressure. This is called static way to test the fuel pressure.
  2. Please discuss some points that one should know when planning to buy a sedan car?
  3. I see. Will take my car to the workshop today only. Thank you.
  4. Catalytic converter helps to emit the harmful gases which is not required in your car. The emission also requires the conversion of the harmful gases so that the environment is not affected by it. If your friend informed you that the catalytic converter is having a trouble, it might be beaches of some unwanted waste clogged inside the converter. This affects the exhaustion as well. The gas in this case which is emitting outside might be really harmful. You may notice the unusual smell if the smoke coming out from the exhaust.
  5. Hey people. I need one help. Today when I was driving my car in the morning, I realized a squealing noise from the brake pads. It was really annoying and I suppose it's really risky also. But I don't the reason why? Can anyone help me with it please.
  6. How to perform EGR checks?
  7. Well. If the dent is small, you can remove it yourself using hot n cool technique. But if the dent is too big, you gotta take it to the service center.
  8. Depends Actually. Is this your first DIY?
  9. OEM brake pads are best suited brake pads in a car. OEM brake pads performance is always better than the original brake pads. The power of stopping the car, resistance fading is all factors working powerful in OEM brake pads. They doesnt squeal or doesnt make any noises when applying.
  10. Well sude, its not really recomended from the Car council to flush the AC condenser in Honda brand. The only two brands Ford and GM are approved to flush the condenser. You gotta replace it.
  11. Dude you want to flush the AC cendenser of a Honda car?
  12. I am not sure if i agree with you guys or not. I mean i love Audi cars and i really like their treat their customers. I never had an issue at all.
  13. Hey people. I am thinking to get the ceramic brake pads for my ES. But not sure if its a good decision or not. Please share!
  14. BMW is offcourse better than Audi. I mean compare anything: reliability, luxurious experience, mintenance cost, and power of the car: BMW is best! Audi some or the other day is having some problem in the engine or may be some noise will be coming from the seat.
  15. Generally this happens when the gear of the odometer is not advancing forward to generate the reading on odometer. May be it is somewhere stuck/spinning on the shaft. Its a sensitive job, its better to take your car to the dealer.
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