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  1. If you are coming from the city, jaguar showroom will be on the left side after noor bank station and near to range Rover showroom.
  2. I know one workshop called London tires in musaffah . It's a good workshop, and the staff is really as well. They are reasonable and really good with their work.
  3. Premium Aftermarket brakes pads are also suitable
  4. ummm... Yes! I mean i have changed the flat tires beofre, but nothing else.
  5. There is a blue smoke coming out of the exhaust in my Peugeot 307 model. Why?
  6. If not cpmpressor, them nay be the refrigerant level is gone low. If this is the case, then it means that it may have leaked in the engine system.
  7. Wel, i think the compressor is not gettign engaged with the AC. Check the compressor first.
  8. Well, it’s really important to keep your car always clean and nice looking. It’s like your second home. I know following things that one can do: Proper servicing: Always give your car for regular servicing and wash so that your car is maintained in and out. Manual Wash: Not every time, but sometimes you can give your car to a local mechanic for the manual wash. They basically clean everything in your car. From engine to the dashboard. Park your car in shade: Whenever your outside and you want to park your car, try parking it in a shady area. That will help your car to be cool and there will be no sunlight effect on the color of your car. Long vacation: When you are going for a vacation leaving your car behind, try leaving your car covered. This helps in avoiding any dust on your car. Wax Job: Sometimes wax your car to make it shiny looking. Vacuuming: You get small vacuum cleaners for the car. Buy that, and always vacuum the inside of your car. No eating: Try not to eat anything in the car, because sometimes it leaves mark and also a stink in the car. Tires: Wash your tires on regular basis. Since tires are the ground meeting parts of the car, they are most dirty. Always keep the tires clean that will help you cleaning the wheel, brake disc/drums inside it.
  9. Cool Brother. I never know all these things. Thanks a ton! Its really informative and interesting.
  10. Hey people. I hope everyone is enjoying better weather in UAE. I mean its way better than hot summers. Here's a suggestion. As per your past expriences, discuss some tips on how one can save money on any kind of auto repair in their car.
  11. hey people. Is there any way to increasethe horse power of a car. How one can do that?
  12. Yes you can replace it. Well don’t keep the broken wiper on the car as it may scratch the windshield. Before replacing the wiper blade, check the size of wiper blade first. It must be mention in your car manual. Buy the new blades of same configuration. Now to remove the old wiper blade, hold the wiper arm on your one hand and slide the wiper arm away from the windshield slowly without putting a scratch there. It’s a metal connector that you need to remove. So slide away to the direction of the blade and remove it slowly. After removing it, take a new one and connect in the same way to you disconnected it. Doing this whole thing, just remember to do it calmly, as the connector is metal and the windshield is glass. One sudden hit and it may crack the windshield.
  13. I would also like to add up that if the headlight condensation is a frequent problem in your car, it may be because of the drainage hole as well. If that’s the case, the silica gel will also not work properly. You may need to take your car to the service center and get it scanned for my drainage hole.
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