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  1. hai, can i get name and contact number of sharjah where a second enginee can get, the existing engine only run 92000, how could know this engine is in good, and mileage,
  2. hai, am looking for a second hand enginee for land rover discovery 2003,
  3. hai, thankyou for your reply, unfortunately the workshop informed me that water trace in oil, gasket to be replaced, head to be required to check, engine rebuild is required, did have any idea about aproximate expense, am in Liwa, 200km faraway from even mussaffah, give to a workshop here normal repairing only japan cars.
  4. my 2003 LD is overheating and workshop informed gasket damaged, water is mixed in oil, kindly give some details did these things happening and ifso how much cost and am in Liwa did any good workshops are in mussaffah or al ain, please let me inform 050 7427681
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