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  1. Well i dont know. I always feel that as a brand Toyota is more durable and reliable than Nissan. So for me, yaris is better than Tiida.m
  2. Hey guys. I have an issue. There was a coolant leak problem in my car few moths back. I replaced the radiator because of that. Now i feel i have the same issue because the engine gets overheated quickly. Is there any permanent solution for this? I mean how can I get rid of this coolant problem for ever. Its annoying!
  3. Is there a need for defrosters in UAE weather? I mean most of the time the weather here is hot.
  4. How can I quickly clean the windshield wipers?
  5. What does it mean by winter air kit for tires?
  6. I want to raise my VW Beetle by myself this time with the help of my auto expert brother. Please help me by guiding What safety precautions should one take when raising a vehicle?
  7. Ok. And how would I know if the battery is 100% charged?
  8. Thanks dude. That was really new to me. Appreciated!
  9. Oh, I see! So it means the voltage should be minimum 12.45v in winters.
  10. The battery voltage reading is showing 12.24v. What does that mean?
  11. Hi people. Recently the battery of my Beetle is gone down. My friend told me to maintain the battery properly in cold weather. But Why one does needs a good battery in cold weather?
  12. Can anyone tell me What are OEM scan tools?
  13. What is code reader used for in a car?
  14. Please suggest me some ways on how to drive near by to a heavy vehicle. I get really scared if there is any heavy vehicle by my side and ultimately I loose the balance of the steering.
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