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  1. I always liked Tiida better than Yaris because of more space and features. Compare anything, Tiida is more reliable than Yaris.
  2. The most quickest and easiest way to clean the wipers is to use the wash cloth and use wash soap. In this way you can clean the wipers, blades as well as underneath it.
  3. ya. I recently got the same and black points as well. So dont do it.
  4. You are absolutely right Boney. Very well explained. This is really crucial topic these days. I think everyone should follow this.
  5. It increases your knowledge as well which I think is very important.
  6. Hi people Can someone tell me what tools are used to change the oil in a car?
  7. Changing the tires, windshield wipers as well
  8. Your welcome dude. But make sure you pass the emission test next time. Otherwise your car will face lot of issues for registration.
  9. The most important thing according to me is the tire. When you realize unexpected rain, you should make sure that the tire pressure is not too much. The pressure should be shuttle so that the tires are not slippery
  10. It means any of the following things is gone bad in your car: 1. Fuel metering 2. Oxygen sensor 3. Ignition system 4. Vacuum leak 5. Fuel mixture 6. Emission control system 7. Air injection system
  11. Is there any way to check the car safety ratings?
  12. What does it mean by Airbag Fraud?
  13. Chevrolet Cruze is the best two door car as I think.
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