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  1. There are actually few reasons behind unintended acceleration: Stuck throttle Pedal issue Failure in Cruise Control
  2. Happy new year guys. It was my first new year in Dubai and trust me I was amazing. I was at Burj Khalifa and I loved the fireworks and lighting. Proud to be the part of the UAE.
  3. No dude. Don’t even try that. When you are working with fuel system, basically you are in direct contact with the gasoline which is flammable soluble. It is extremely dangerous to smoke that time as the chances of catching fire are huge. And trust me, there have been lot of accidents because of that as well.
  4. Someone told me that old tires starts leaking air sometimes. Is that true?
  5. Exactly. If it is less, than you can recharge it using the portable car battery charger or by running your car every day for like 20 min. at40mph. Even that helps in maintaining your car battery.
  6. Basically in cold weather, the cranking load on the battery is much more compared to the summers. Because the weather is cols, the oil in the engine gets thicker and thus the cranking time goes high. If in that case, the battery of your car is low or let’s say the voltage is less than 12.45v, your battery needs urgent attention. If you ignore your battery then it will surely ditch you on the middle of the road.
  7. Well, I think I will get everything diagnosed properly what you mentioned just now. Thank you friend!
  8. The increase in the fuel pressure results into engine richness actually. Some people think that it’s actually a good thing that the engine is running rich. But its not good. Because if the engine is running rich it means the fuel consumption in the car is more than normal. Not only that, it also leads to rough idling of the car as well as surging.
  9. I failed the emission test, what does that mean?
  10. If the fuel pump is normal and providing the normal pressure in the engine, the problem can be fuel injectors. Sometimes the injectors do not open and thats why the engine does not start even engine has proper spark and compression.
  11. Hi guys. I have always faced issues with the cooling system of my car. I have Honda element from 5 years. I Dont wanna face same issues again. So please help me by telling How to maintain and replace the cooling system in a car?
  12. What is Alternator Diode in a car charging system?
  13. I am learning about the cooling systems these days. And i was wondering What does the servicing of cooling system includes? I am sure many of you guys must have gone for the cooling system servicing. So can anyone please elaborate what it includes?
  14. I got the fine for over speeding already.
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