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  1. What is the benefit of repainting the car wheels?
  2. How to inspect fuel pump and tank in a car?
  3. Awesome dude. I did it. Thanks to you. The bumper looks way better. Thank you so much bro.
  4. Hi guys. I dont know if anyone here knows about the additives that are used in gasoline. But i was reading about the same and the protevtion level of the additives. All i wanna know is What is the adequate level of protection of the additives used in the gasoline for Toyota Aurion?
  5. I heard one can fix the bumper dents only by using the hot water? But how? I am so excited to know! Please Please Tell me! I have got a big dent on my Mohave bumper which is 5 months old.
  6. I have Chev Caprice and i want to upgrade my system. So please guide me on How to upgrade the car audio systems?
  7. Depends. If the transmission slipping is because of the less fluid in the transmission, then it’s repairable but if the transmission is damaged, you cannot repair it and it needs strict replacement.
  8. Please give me some rating for Ford Fiesta out of 5. Having a thought to buy this car for my mother. Please honest opinions only.
  9. You can realize transmission slipping when the RPM (revolution per minute) goes above 3,500. Also when the coasting time of the vehicle is too much than normal, it means that the transmission starts slipping every moment when you try to change gear. Transmission slipping is also realized when acceleration takes too much time than normal.
  10. Please explain these for lean codes to me: P0171 and P0174.
  11. Can anyone tell me why the CV joints are best for Front wheel drive and not U joints?
  12. Ummm Ok. But I am not sure about this route. Can you tell me how can I take Al Khail road if I am driving from World trade centre?
  13. Hey people. I have a question for those who are really thorough with the Dubai roads. Actually I travel a lot to Abu Dhabi, and I always get stuck in traffic on Sheikh Zayed road. Can anyone tell me if there is any other way I can take for Abu dhabi.
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