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  1. Can anyone tell me which cars are on the recall list of airbags danger?
  2. Actually the main difference comes in the additives of the fuel. The base gas for every motor oil is same but every motor oil brand use some additive to make it more rich and smooth for the engine. Cheap gas mainly comes with the base gas and ot much additves unlike premium fuel for car engine.
  3. I think one reason is the longevity of the synthetic oil. When the engine of your car is too hot, the synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil resulting into less harm to your engine.
  4. If any of these things you are facing, it means oxygen sensor needs to be replaced: 1. Vehicle's Mileage is gone extremely low 2, OBD II code in the car 3. Smog Test Failure
  5. It actually depends on the use of the clutch as well. But generally it lasts between 60,000 to 100,000 miles depending on how rash or smooth your drive.
  6. What are pliers used for in car?
  7. Hi people. I want to know about the coolant needed in car engine. How to know if the coolant needs a replacement or recycle?
  8. I heard there are some brands of the spark plugs. But my question is, does the brand really matter?
  9. I want to know How do I check the condition of coolant in my Polo which is 2009 model?
  10. How much is the new Toyota yaris
  11. Hey guys. I don't stay in UAE, but got a job there and will fly to Dubai may be next month. I want to know if its possible to rent a car over there. I don't know license from UAE but UK license. Does that work over there.
  12. Please throw some lines on How to maintain the automatic transmission fluid for Honda Element
  13. Check engine light pop up because of many reasons. I will share what I know and I have experienced: Oxygen Sensor: If the oxygen sensor is not providing correct data to the system, it decreases the gas mileage. It always needs to respond properly. And if it persist any issue, you will see check engine light on the dash. In this case, you need to replace the oxygen sensor of your car. Gas Cap: Sometimes the gas cap, if it’s loose or broken it is indicated by the check engine light. Get it replaced. Catalytic Converter: If there are access exhaust gases in your car and the catalytic converter is unable to exhaust the gases out of the car, it damages the performance of the car badly. But if your car has such an issue, check engine light can be helpful. MAF Sensor: If the MAF sensor is at fault, it does not read the proper amount of fuel needed in the car engine, which automatically decreases the gas mileage. But you can examine the same if the check engine light is on. Spark plugs: Sometimes the spark plugs are faulty or damaged which ultimately pop up the check engine light on the dash. If this is the case, it’s always recommended to replace it asap. Coolant Leak: Coolant leak is really dangerous for any car. It damages your engine severely and you end up replacing lot of engine parts. Depending upon what amount of coolant has been leaked; you can either repair or replace the engine parts like radiator, water pumps and many more. I know these things which can cause check engine light on the dash. In any case, if you cannot examine fault on your own then you should better hurry to a garage or your service center.
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