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  1. You are right dude. I think this is a common issue. I really think that Audi manufactuers should take this seriously as we are spending so much money on a car and at the end, not really happy with it.
  2. Hey Salman Thanks for advicing again. I really had a good time on Fujairah road. It was really awesome.
  3. Thanks I found it in Geant hypermarket in Ibn Batuta mall in 75 aed
  4. OFF position is a lock position which turn off the engine as well as lights and other electrical components of the car. ACC: This is basically when you want to switch on the headlights but not the engine. It mean you can run the electrical components of the car but not the engine. RUN: This position is when you actually want to drive the car. START is only to start the engine but not ready to be driven.
  5. Of the mounting bolts or brackets of the alternator are loose, the alternator becomes noisy. So I think it’s the lose bolts.
  6. Sure. Ignition switch has basically 4 positions: OFF, ACC, RUN and START.
  7. I have BLS, 2010 model. The engine is overheating.How to troubleshoot the overheated engine using the infrared thermometer?
  8. I have done a DIY task on the bumper dent using hot water. And this was one of the easiest DIY task I have done. All you need is a hammer and hot boiling water, but be careful with the hot water. First unscrew the dent part of the bumper from the car. If you can remove it completely that will be better. Now please note that don’t try the hot water technique if the dent is at some sensitive part of your car. Bumper is fine. You can try this on the bumper. Now what you need to do is boil water to the boiling point. Now put that boiled water from the inner side of the dented bumper. Take a hammer and hit it outwards. You will notice that the dent will remove smoothly and slowly. But don’t hit the hammer with too much force that may spoil the bumper because the bumper becomes sensitive when you put hot water. You can repeat this process twice or thrice, but don’t do it more than that otherwise the bumper will spoil. You will realize the dent going off. Also remember that when you do this DIY task, make sure you don’t have any kids around. Because you will be pouring hot water on the bumper, and if there is any kid nearby, they may get hurt. Anyways there is lot of cases when kids are losing their lives because of irresponsibilities, so don’t let this thing be another reason for the same. And who so ever is performing this task; make sure that you cover your hand with gloves when you are pouring hit water on the bumper. Don’t forget that the water isyo at its highest boiling point, you may burn your hand badly.
  9. Hey people. I want to increase my knowledge about pistons. I read it somewhere about the performance pistons. What is that? Does anyone know?
  10. Hi guys. The engine of my car doesnt start. I checked the fuel pump and its perfevtly fine. Then what is trobling the engine? Somebody knows about it?
  11. What are the most fuel efficient cars for 2014?
  12. Hey Guy. Do you think making a youtube video ad to sell a car works out?
  13. Nice idea. Off course i can take her there. Thanks dude for the brilliant plan.
  14. Hey Guys. I have a question. What do you think are the most simplest DIY?
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