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  1. Is it better to swap the engine in this car model or to rebuild the engine? Which option is easier and more cost affordable?
  2. You must find the cause of this problem in order to fix it in a proper way. I know that people often have problems because they apply pressure on this part of the car (placing a box on the roof or something similar). If this is the case then you will have to change some smaller parts of this mechanism and you can definitely do that on your own.
  3. Did you check the locks thoroughly? Maybe there is something stuck in that area and tricks the sensors or maybe your sensors are malfunctioning.
  4. I personally hate problems like this because they create dilemmas. This could be a harmless appearance but it can also be an indication of a bigger problem. On the othe rhand, they will need to remove and get back many car parts in order to determine what causes that vibration so be prepared to wait for a lnog period of time. Use a professional service because this is a difficult task.
  5. As far as i know synthetic oil is the best option. When it comes to brands my suggestions is to use Elf. This type of oil has proven to work great with several different card brands.
  6. I would advise visiting a garage. There are many garages in UAE that can help you with this task and they don't charge much. The starter is a part of the car that is really complex although it's small.
  7. I've never heard about such case. That must be frustrating. So, what was the reason? Maybe your rims were not smooth or maybe it was something else?
  8. Well it depends on the things you look for in a car (SUV). Defender is definitely more durable and more powerful, but in my opinion sicovery has more sophisticated features and better design.
  9. I would recommend using this prcoedure once in two years. Remember that you should use a service that has experience with flushing engines otherwise you can damage the engine.
  10. have you checked your transmission liquid levels? This may be a case of lack of liquid which usually starts in reverse gear. You shoudl definitely check this in your local garage.
  11. So, did the discs made that sound? The brakes were probably completely worn and they were hitting the discs directly.
  12. jean that's not too much regulations. UAE has similar regulations like most other countries in the world. If you have enouh money take mroe expensive insurance because they come with many benefits.
  13. I have a 2008 Audi a6 3.2 FSI with 100000 miles on it. The weather is outside is good but it has trouble cranking over and if it cranks over within a second it will just turn off it usually take about 5-6 seconds to crank over but i can tell its not right. I was thinking it's maybe the battery what doyou think?
  14. What are the common problems faced on a Hyundai Tucson? What about the design quality and durability of its parts?
  15. I would recommend flushing more than once because the resiude found in it is difficult to eliminate. Repeat the procedure for 2-3 times.
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