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  1. Jeep recommends 89 Octane for their V6, assuming that this is what you are running. Changing the fuel type to a higher grade, really wont benifit at all. You are pretty much just paying more to get the same results
  2. It is really iffy and im sure you can find a great second hand one. The do last a really long time, My 01 TJ has about 400,000 Km on it, and runs great. If you are looking for a used one i would suggest finding one that has been taken care of by a Jeep enthuist. This may make it a bit more expensive, but more often then not you can find a wrangler that has been well maintained with a few upgrades, such as lift kits, tyres, and lighting. My suggestion is dont rush into it. If you want to save a few bucks, check around on the internet daily for a few weeks, or months, till you find the one that fits your needs! Best of Luck
  3. Where is the leak and is it a stock soft top? If you have a soft top from say BestTop you can order replacement fabric, with out ordering the full top. If its a small hole you could patch it, even with just some duct tape. If its around the doors i would check all your seals!
  4. It shouldent be a problem, but it will depend as well what you are doing with the top. If you have a soft top it will breath a bit better and will keep some of the heat out. As well riding in the desert with the top down is a lot of fun! The A/C in the wranglers are better than a lot of other trucks i have driven.
  5. It depends on what kind of off-road you want to do. If its just the basics, like dirt, sand, mud, i would go witht he Sahara. The Sahara comes with the skids plates and is a really nice base off-road Jeep. The Rubicon is great too with a wider wheel base and more stock options. The price difference is huge, and the Rubicon will eat way more fuel. If you are rock climbing i would go with a Rubicon. Sahara is a great starter Jeep, and all jeeps are tons of fun!
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