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  1. Hi Neo, did you manage to find a reliable garage for your JEEP and did you get it repaired? I need some feedback on Al Bustani garage, has any one used them before? I have a coolant leakage problem in my Grand Cherokee and one of the garage said the radiator and other parts have to be replaced. I want to get a second opinion. Thanks in advance. Best regards, FR
  2. Hi Guys, I own a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Done 160 kilometers. Since the warranty of the car is expired and they are not renewing it ,I am going to stop getting my car services from the dealer. Does any one know any service center who are specialist in Jeep ? Best regards,
  3. Hi Ameen, I only used it on weekends and it is in a very good condition. I am asking for 50K. It is available for viewing and any kind of check-up.
  4. Hi guys, after owning my Boxster S 2005 for 2 year I have decided to sell it. 100k on the clock. Always serviced with Al Fouar Garage - specialist in Porsche repair. Recently changed engine cooler and water pump. If anyone is interested please call me on 050 7080712
  5. Hello Everyone, I am trying to find used side steps for my Grande Jeep Cherokee 2011. Does anyone know any place where I can find this part in the used market? Regards, Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2011 Limited, V8
  6. Hi, I am planning to buy a 2001 Lexus LX470, GCC specs. Can anyone advice before buying, in terms of engine and parts, what should I be specifically checking in the car? Or if anyone can recommend any specialist Lexus garage who can get the car checked. Any tips would be appreciated. Best regards,
  7. Guys I got my car serviced from Al Faour/ Al Jabiri Car Service Center. They are very good and everyone there is very informative. Thanks for recommending it to me !
  8. Hi Elvis, I meant AED 90 for each and I will consider your suggestion. Can you recommend any place I can get those NGK Iridium?
  9. Thanks guys for you responses. I am getting genuine Porsche spark plug for AED 90 I have not purchased it yet. I am checking with other suppliers as well. @ Milane - I have 3.2. I bought it October last year and this is my weekend car and rarely used.‌ Regards,
  10. Brilliant ! very useful information. Thanks a lot !
  11. If there are any experts in here, can I know after how long should we consider changing the spark plugs ? and by not changing the spark plugs how does it impact the cars performance/engine ? I have a Boxster S 2005, 100.000 kms done. Best regards,
  12. Does anyone know of any scrap yard or cheap spare parts for Porsche in Dubai or Sharjah ? I own a Porsche Boxster S 2005 Best Regards,
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