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  1. Hey fellas, Been here with you guys for few months now and seen you guys are car loving and some of you are real techy, but my question is bit above all and quite different. What is the best time to buy used car in Dubai? I have been thinking of changing my car early this year and tried for a month and then someone told wait for Ramadan time to get good deals and cheaper price. Now in Ramadan I was about to start my search and then another guy told me to wait for winter season for being a best time to buy used cars in dubai, so that you slash this year depreciation and enjoy the car even at lower price. Now before I believe or get convince with this guy info and waste time further, I thought of asking you all here in case you have any rational reason behind what is the best time to buy used car in dubai? Or not?
  2. I am seeing the ads too much these days for renault duster in dubai showing as get the best offorad experience and reach the unreachable bla bla. Last month when I was checking and researching same car then 2 of my friends says that it will sneeze on the beach sand so let alone uae offroad experience. I really can't understand who is right and not... Can someone please shed some light on this car or suv or 4x4 (whatever they call it). Thanks.
  3. I recently got used Hyundai Sonata, car is very clean and just after the sale and transfer I realize that car interior light is not working. It seems like a big disappointment in the night when I reach home and can't check my car properly. Is there any hidden switch in sonata or something that I am missing? Please help.
  4. Thanks everyone here for all the help and finally I bought Hyundai sonata on which I got good deal (i think).
  5. Thanks decosta for the advice and your offer, to be honest I am very scared to go anywhere more than 5 years old as I not a car person and cars have always given me very hard time in past. I feel If I don't know cars then anyone can fool me for thousands and I have no option to verify, so better stick to 3,-5 years old Max.
  6. Thanks Mark for shooting my all good and prefred choices. lol. I know it's a budgetary issue, as I can't increase it as I am saving for my own house and this car expense is a must-have than any fancy wishlist for me. Which out of above options from Taqir would you vote and why...?
  7. Thanks Mark and Taqir, Any chance of advising any smaller Audi or BMW? I prefer that way, as road is having too many Hyundai, Nissan and toyotas.
  8. Hi you all good people here, I am absolutely new to this forum and just join to seek some help on deciding a car for me after 6 years of break from driving due to family reasons. I want to know which is the best sedan or saloon (not compact and big cars please) I can buy under 30,000 dirams. Although I am open to new and used both, but i knw with my less budget use one will fit better in of reasonable options and brand. Use should not be more than 3-4 years old pls, as I will be driving with my 1 year old son quite often in that car so reliability (if used) is number one. What you guys think about new car brands like Opel, Skoda and Renault......for new one (if it fit in that range). thank you all. gn.
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