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  1. Sajja is a heaven for used spare parts and very well organized and shopkeepers are also better than shj scrapyard who are busy exporting wholesale and does not give a $h!t to the retail customers. I agree totally on this point, ebay is good but use it wiesly
  2. If bitten by one, then kill and take it with you for antidote as there are hundreds of different antidote for spiders and scorpions and first thing hospital will ask you which type of creature was that - shape, color, and size. If you can't kill take a photo, if you cant take a photo record in voice message how exactly you have seen as after a while your memory will lose the details that can help the doctor.
  3. Isn't that bloodhound hold that record or are they still trying since so many years....?
  4. except fuel mileage in city everything is nice about this car, my girlfriend had this and always used to sip close to my wrangler on road.
  5. I can very well see the video. this is insane idea man to have bike sounding 4 wheel vehicle, when it was hidden inside with noise it seems bike is coming from a distnace, lol.
  6. All are crap and irrelevant excuses for them but I feel this should have been answered to deter FUCKING CRIME: what's the last renewal mileage? rather this should be automatically printed in bold on normal renewal test
  7. Send wifey to in-laws house and plan all your upgradessssssssssssss
  8. Off course they won't share data for privacy but keeps it for their own record. Wondering why you need previous owner number...? Odometer tampering they could have highlighted in regular test only as a red flag or something of a concern.
  9. dubizzle is all tainted now, unlike it used to before 5 years back. its filled with agents, scammer and dealers rigging the price all time.
  10. Hi All, long time...Anyone can please advise which is the best of the best company for LED light bar for Jeep wrangler. I tried two times and it just looks bright but not showing anything beyond 100-200 meter range. First time got from dragon mart and second time from sharjah little bigger one, but still reach is missing, its only showing the white spread is good to see but not to appreciate it.
  11. Since almost more than a year, that I am noticing that Used cars in dubai value has gone down drastically. I know it's an oil price effect but I am wondering why in rest of the world used cars price have been stabilize where as used cars in dubai still going down and down and hitting so bad that car worth 100K year back is not even getting sold at 60k now. What is wrong with the used car market in dubai, who is rigging it and who is geting benefit out of all this manipulation??????
  12. Thanks for invit but I am busy now with my other (most loved) hobby during weekends and also lost the charm of off-roading.
  13. Well let me put it in an another way. If off-road club share their roll-over count then nobody will join them and then how they can prove their billion dollar ride is superior to newbie stock car. Hope you getting the big picture. I stopped off-roading after my first few drives, coz I was looser and I have been rubbed on my nose that I am a looser because my car was stock and I couldn't keep pace with red face monkey's
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