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  1. It’s not just the desert. Dropping your trash anywhere is a shitty thing to do.
  2. You need to state engine size too instead of just the models. These models are all available with different engine sizes. Smaller engines generally give better mileage. I don't usually recommend other forums but google honest John real world mpg. They have real world mileage from real owners.
  3. Barry

    Car detailing advice

    If you can't polish it out, its probably went through the lacquer and down to the paint. I have a good guy who does smart repairs, can fix it without repainting the whole panel. Message me if you want his number.
  4. Hi Shafik bro, welcome to Carnity!
  5. Brake problem could be any number of things. Low pads, old fluid, air in the fluid. You need a mechanic to look at it. AC problem could be a weak compressor, dirty condenser, maybe the system wasn't cleaned and vacuumed properly before being filled, again any number of things. You need to see a good mechanic.
  6. Barry

    Mechanic wanted

    Mechanic wanted for multi brand workshop in Al Quoz. GCC experience preferred. Must have knowledge of how to repair both classic and new model cars. Must have knowledge of computerized diagnostic tools. Training will be provided on our system. Visa and health insurance provided as per UAE labour law. Accommodation can be provided if required. Driving license would be an advantage. Immediate start. Send CV to [email protected] or WhatsApp 0525713073 to schedule interview.
  7. If your car needed an oil change, you jacked it up outside your house, drained the oil, screwed the old filter off, screwed the new one on and filled the engine with oil. If the car was running bad, you change the spark plugs, get the timing light out and make sure the distributor is on point. If you’re having starting problems, you make sure the points are set correctly. Making an engine run is easy. Every petrol engine needs 4 things to run. Spark, timing, fuel, compression. When did we reach the stage that people lost all knowledge and started to depend on overpriced dealerships? I know so many people who call themselves petrol heads but they couldn’t even point out a spark plug. Where did it all go wrong?
  8. Ok so it’s been a while since I updated this. The project isn’t over yet. The original funder lost his job and ran out of money so the project was shelved. A new funder is on board so the build will start again soon. We have a huge turbo diesel Cummins engine just sitting there on the shelf doing nothing so expect the 351 to get junked and a huge high torque motor capable of rolling coal to be installed. Lets see what happens. I can promise you it will be epic.
  9. Really? I didn’t know that. But there must be a way of opening the unit, changing the batteries and gluing it back together.
  10. I have no hatred for any of these cars. I used to dislike the fiat multipla but it grew on me. It’s quirky and quirky is cool. Totally functional too. I used to date a girl who’s mother had one and lent it to us on weekends. Having 3 seats in a row up front comes in handy sometimes. The CX is also a cool car. Citroens are equivalent to the cars America were turning out in the 50s with space age influenced design. The only difference is Citroen had the newest technology to back up the funky looks. The minx and sprite had their own coolness too. Think of the minx as a European 57 Chevy and it makes sense. The sprite was what it was, small light and nimble and designed for the roads it was on. I cant think of anything I’d call ugly. I appreciate things for what they are
  11. Why would you even bother with used? Maybe it just needs a battery.
  12. Sometimes old school technology just works.
  13. I like all 3 but in reality, none of the above. I’d probably have some old school mid sized European RWD Ford like a Capri, preferably a 280 Brooklands. I like a lot of cars. I don’t think in reality I could just pick one. Cars are like beer, you have to try a glass of everything.
  14. @Gaurav I see your point and understand and accept it. I know lots of people who live for the desert on Friday, I know lots of people who live for laps around a track on Friday. It’s just different horses for different courses. We’re all brothers and sisters united in the love for the internal combustion engine. Brothers and sisters fight sometimes but we will always be family. ❤️
  15. I will make it this month but I don’t know about the future. Before I was sitting at home on my ass all day playing Xbox and surfing the internet. Now I’m working, leave the house at 6, come home at 7 or 8, eat, watch a bit of tv and sleep. I like the thinking behind the idea. It works well for regular posters who are already here and established but I feel it could scare new members away.
  16. None. Fun in the desert but in reality you will only go to the desert at the weekend. A high powered rwd car will offer fun every day of the week.
  17. People with more money than sense always tend to buy new, do all their services at the dealer and sell the car back to the dealer when they’re done to buy the latest model to keep up with the Joneses. People like that are easy pickings for the dealer.
  18. Awesome! I’ve tried many times to get a job with Saluki Motorsport but never even got a response from them.
  19. Hi @martenny welcome to Carnity 👋
  20. Cool. Welcome along @audi tech here now I have another persons brain to pick when I have Audi problems. And I have a lot of Audi problems 😂
  21. General Lee 69 Charger We have a purple 68 at work at the minute. Very cool car but if you’re smart enough to know where to look, you can tell it was originally orange. I have a feeling it was a general lee rep that someone rebuilt. @Javier M we’re building an Elenor rep at the minute. I’ll post some pics in a couple of months when it’s done. @sertac we have the transam in too 😊
  22. Old is gold but shite will always be shite. Unless it becomes rare and expensive shite.
  23. Never had a car here but I’ve been lucky enough in my job that I’ve got to drive everything from tiidas to Ferrari’s to expensive rare classics. Planning to get a LS400, convert it to manual and fit a 2 way diff. I thought about getting a 4x4 but I see how much stuff you guys break at the weekend and how it can get expensive fast 😂
  24. I don’t think this needs a description
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