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  1. Barry

    Caption competition

    😂😂😂😂 I was expecting turtle wax and teenage mutant ninja turtle jokes, not full on examples of designers like Franco Sbarro The Jeep thing should be a new thread.
  2. Barry

    Caption competition

    Caption this! Just for fun, no prizes other than knowing your humour is superior.
  3. Don’t hit the kerb. I saw something on another site a couple of days ago, Reddit or 9GAG or something like that, I don’t remember. Some guy screwed rubber onto the kerb outside his house so he wouldn’t damage his wheels when parking. I felt like making an account just to tell him if you can’t park without hitting the kerb, you probably shouldn’t be driving. I see this every day. Some people have no spatial awareness and no idea of the size of their car. They will driver until they hit the kerb and use that as a feel for when to steer. It’s not just tyre damage. It knocks your wheels out of balance so the steering wheel vibrates when you drive. It also upsets your steering alignment so your car doesn’t drive straight when you let go of the wheel.
  4. @shadow79 ok solution if you want to butcher something up to sell it again but it’s hiding the problem rather than fixing it. No disrespect intended. If the car is a keeper it’s better to isolate and repair the issue. Who was it on here that put bananas in the rear diff to stop the oil leak? That’s the most ghetto thing I’ve ever read about 😂
  5. Barry

    timing belt kit

    You should have 2 pulleys, not one, an idler pulley and one that attaches to the tensioner system. Other than that, that’s all the parts I’ve ever used. You’ll need some coolant too. Transmission fluid if you remove the radiator to make it easier. Removing the radiator takes an extra 30 minutes and isn’t necessary but it’s worth if for the extra space to work. Thats really all you need. At a guess, I assume that the official kit includes some bolts which would make the numbers up. Maybe cam and crank oil seals. No need to change if they’re not leaking but no harm in changing them when you’re stripping the engine back that far. Saves doing it all again later. I’ve done countless pajero timing belts and never changed any bolts. As long as they aren’t obviously damaged, I would use them again. If you have enough experience to tackle a timing belt, you can use your own judgment. It’s not a difficult job. The hardest part is getting the crankshaft pulley off. Just be careful what type of puller you use, later models are equipped with a harmonic balancer pulley and if you pull from the outside and separate the rubber, you’ll have to replace the pulley. Also be aware that the bolts which hold the bracket in front of the timing cover for the alternator and depending on model, the AC compressor and steering pump, are different lengths so make sure to put them back in the right place. There are no special tools needed for the job outside of a standard mechanics tool kit. Strip everything back to get access to the belt. Line up the timing marks, slacken the tensioner. Old parts off, new parts on, turn the engine by hand a couple of times to make sure the marks are still lined up then build everything else back on. Bleeding the cooling system after refilling is easy. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to fill with the engine running. There is a screw or 2 screws depending on your engine on top of the thermostat housing. Open them and start pouring coolant into the radiator when switched off and cold. If it’s the one screw, close it when the coolant comes out, job finished. If it’s 2 screws, close the first one when the coolant comes out, keep pouring then close the second when the coolant comes out. Job done. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
  6. Barry


  7. Barry

    2019 plans?

    Forget New Years resolutions, they never work. What are your car related plans for 2019? Are you planning any mods? Looking for a new car? Chasing mad horsepower? Share it with us!
  8. Barry

    Most fun car ever?

    What was the most fun car you ever owned? Ive had a lot of fast and expensive stuff, but the most fun car I’ve ever owned was a 1.1 Peugeot 106. Paid £50 for it at a scrapyard so all mechanical sympathy went out the window. I didn’t care if it broke or got crashed. Wasn’t even a nice one, it was a snot green 5 door. Had a lot of fun thrashing the tiny engine and listening to it scream for help in narrow mountain passes, putting it on 2 wheels at every opportunity. Was a little beast for lift off oversteer. What killed the fun was cutting the top and bottom of the steering wheel off to make it like KITT from Knight Rider and basically turning it into a boat tiller. Driving with anything less than a full steering wheel is difficult to say the least.
  9. I think every 4x4 in UAE has been mentioned so far apart from the Niva 😂 So which is the best 4x4 for the desert?
  10. Barry

    100k service

    You can buy the genuine Mitsubishi parts from Al Habtoor for 600ish. You’ll need a belt, tensioner and 2 pulleys. Don’t bother with aftermarket unless you’re buying Gates parts. Gates make the original parts and Mitsubishi stick their own logo on it. You’ll also need a couple of gallons of coolant because the front coolant hoses need to come off to do the job. Some mechanics may remove the radiator to make the job easier, then you’ll need a litre of transmission fluid. It’s a simple job, line up the timing marks, pop the old belt off, change the tensioner and pulleys, pop the new parts back on, pull the pin on the tensioner. It’s a half day job so budget for 1,500-2,000 including parts depending on the garage. It is a simple job but don’t go chasing the cheapest price, make sure the mechanic has done it before. A failed timing belt will result in a top end rebuild costing 3-4K, maybe more.
  11. Barry

    What was your first modification?

    This was 15 years ago. At the time it was cheap and easy. I had no money, I was working a shitty job in a store, my friend had no money, he was working a shitty job as electrical apprentice, we just wanted to get the car running.
  12. Prince Philip, the husband of the queen of England, 97 or 98 years old depending on what article you read Crashed his Range Rover, some news articles are reporting it was a Freelander. Some (most) of us will say it’s karma for the years of colonial imperialism. The guy is a horrible racist, just google his name. The current British royal family are old, they will die soon. I always laugh when I see Indian kids wearing England shirts in the mall, if only they knew. The British empire is long gone, Brexit is their last chance to hang on and they made a mess of it. Maybe now Scotland can be an independent country and Northern Ireland can rejoin Ireland and be a unified country.
  13. Mine was an engine swap. Put a Pinto engine into a CVH Sierra, converted it from EFI to carb. The guy who helped me was a lot more experienced. He cursed me everyday. It wasn’t easy because none of the wiring matched. Until this day, he doesn’t speak to me.
  14. Barry

    Recommend offroad equipments

    I have a Crony CN888 radio for sale. 250 new. Will accept 200. Used once and boxed with all manuals, as new condition
  15. It’s cool having mad skillz and being able to change a head gasket at the side of the road, but what are some basic skills that all drivers should know how to do? Here a few, feel free to add. Sadly I don’t know many people who can do these and rely on garages. Should be introduced as part of the driving test. Check oil and coolant levels and top up as necessary Check tyre pressures and wear Change a flat tyre Fill the fuel tank Bonus - Understand that honking your horn in a residential area just because there’s traffic isn’t cool