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  1. Thanks Admin for the info. I am posting this on my social media to get some creative ideas from people I know. I don't know about anybody else, but I am going to go for this idea of a free makeover for my ride. The prize is definitely worth the trouble!
  2. Thanks to everyone who posted comments and explanations, it is appreciated. However, there is something that @salmanahmed said that does not make sense to me- What are the factors that determines how long oil lasts? Is it only heat, or are there other issues? I will also appreciate it if someone could clarify the next point- What are "stick chemicals", and how do they capture engine particles? Thanks guys, I really appreciate your answers.
  3. I don't know if this topic has been raised before, but I need some clarification on this point. My mechanic tells me that I am wasting money by insisting that he uses fully synthetic oil when he services my 10-year old BMW. According to him synthetic oil is only for new cars, and even the manufacturers fill new cars with mineral oil that is replaced with so-called synthetic oil at the first service, because regular oil is beter for "breaking in" a new engine. He also says that synthetic oil is too "thin" for my engine, and that I am ruining my engine because synthetic oil does not lubricate it properly. Is any of this true, and can some of the experts here shed some light on this?
  4. Can anyone here please explain to me what is meant by the term "parasitic power losses" on an engine?
  5. Good day! This is my first time posting here, and I really hope other Cherokee owners can offer some advice on a problem I have with my 2010 Jeep Cherokee. Last week when I tried to leave for the office, the gear shift was locked in "Park". Nothing I did could release it, so I called the Jeep experts who said he could not tow it, because the transmission was locked. Only thing done to this point was diagnose a trouble code - P0931- but he says he cannot find the reason for the code. Has anybody else had this issue on a Jeep Cherokee? Any help or advice would be great. Thanks guys!
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