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  1. My first car was 2006 Honda City and it was good and bad experience. Everything was made of thin plastic, that use to fall apart with little extra touch.
  2. This is one damn hot looking E-car. Porsche really knows how to make, design and market new cars and eat up the competition in one stride.
  3. People here just seem to see them as a status symbol though and that's why it's highly over-rated and expensive to buy and maintain. Actually Landy's are very easy to work but here people charge bomb to touch as they know LR are usually owned by rich guys. Long ago had a wonderful experience in 2002 Range Rover (P38), best car I have owned but after few years of age it becomes too expensive to maintain here, as everyone want to rip you off.
  4. Thanks all for further help and this is roughly what I am thinking at the moment for my 2012 BMW 328i. I am planning to keep this car for 3-5 years (hopefully), so I will utilize this spend for sure. M3 Body kit (original or shj one, will decide upon the price and if its allowed). Add high bass woofer with additional amp at the back, as music system is awesome but lacks the low level bass. May be upgrade two of the main speaker after the woofer add-on is not enough. Add free flow K&N drop-in filter. Borla exhaust - touring one (not loud).
  5. Thank you very much for explaining this nicely. My office colleague actually scared me that I need to seek a permission from bank before even fitting or changing music system or floor mat. This def sounds unreal and your all guys reply sounds more practical and realistic. Thanks a lot guys, it's good to talk and very nice to see you all here. Of course I am not after racing modification to upset any authorities but just a minor upgrades to add some good value to the car and my car ownership.
  6. Majorly exterior modifications and minor on mechanical stuff. I know it may void the warranty, but not sure about the bank reaction on such act. Secondly do I need to inform about it or just do it, quietly?
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