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  1. poulkey

    Used Bentley

    Great, thanks for the feedback.... Derik / Barry, I see where you guys are coming from and agree on the expensive to maintain bit...Barry, appreciate you pointing out items to look out for, its good knowledge to have beforehand... This is entirely the reason why I intend to take it to the local Bentley dealership and have it checked out before I purchase the vehicle. I'm assuming their report on the health of the car and problems will help me understand the cost of repairs / parts and allow me to negotiate on the price as well...
  2. poulkey

    Used Bentley

    Hi All, Just want to know if someone has had any experience with buying and servicing used Bentley's in Dubai... I have seen and am planning a purchase of a 2007 Continental GTC and just wanted to know if there is anything I should be looking out for. I intend to have the car checked by the main dealer in Dubai before purchase to figure out the general health of the car and any snag issues it may have. It hasn't been driven a lot, less than 50K. Any tips / recommendations are welcome. Thanks, Poul
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