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  1. Yes for sure in the mean time you search from wadi naqab we can go to fujaira also it's also look secnerec off raod
  2. Hi Very good, happy to see you visited how many cars were with you
  3. We will meet at Adnoc pump beyond sqar park RAK
  4. What's your whatapp number or send me sms on whatsapp
  5. Hi, I think better go after juma prayer at 1:30 because it's almost 2 hours driver total we need 6 hours to complete the trip what is your suggestion.why don't we share this on group.
  6. Ok no matter make whatsapp group share you number mine is 0563947124
  7. Hi all I m planing to go wadi tours in alternate friday if anybody want to join let me know better if we make whatsapp group for trips my number is 0563947124
  8. I went threre but military stopped us very much before.
  9. Which group often goes to mountain and wadies trips
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