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  1. Mr. KnowItAll 😅
  2. I believe the name "Bin Hamooda" use for GMC SERRIA the pickup truck version.
  3. As being 1st Day of Summer Please make sure all of you change the Air of your Tires to Summer Air, As hotter days apporach it will help your tires co op with the heat of Road. Specially those doing 4WD. its important to remove that Winter Air and Get Summer Air. Please while you are doing you Air check your Blinker Fluids too. Please watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t09qfrYwok for reference. Believe Me.
  4. I saw that machine with @Barry in those Pajero Days
  5. How to contact you BRO!!!
  6. I linked my Salik with my DIB account autorecharge. No issue but no discount.
  7. And I watching 4WD ACTION on YouTube these guys are great. They drive isuzu Patrol Toyotas. Wonder many offroader don't use Pajeros. I owned a Pajero I know they are good but not many people recommend Pajeros.
  8. Aren't Rat and mice carriers of diseases and many other problems. Aren't Rat and mice carriers of diseases and many other problems.
  9. @nutbolt all I wanted to know is American cars JEEP ( only warngler) and Tahoe. Many flag ship cars are so cheap. Why only these 2 American 4x4 defy all rumors that American cars don't have resale value or not reliable. Even when they have so many kms and problems.
  10. @Rahimdad got a bad habit also time of cold start I lit a cigarette finish my cigarette than drive the car. Give me and my car time to start the day.
  11. Why is that Cars people say are not good or reliable more expensive even if Old. Specially 2 brands of 4x4 Old jeeps the price of used old jeeps are sky high. Old Chevy Tahoe are other 4x4 which are expensive. Then why do people say American cars have no resale value? Prices of old patrols and Land cruiser are high but these American beasts higher. Can someone explain.
  12. Short Term : Drive my POS for another year. Did all fluid changes and extra for renewal. Long Term: Convert My POS to best 4x4
  13. No I think it's just a Mitsubishi Thing. Nativa Pajero ASX Outlander seen this problems in all of them.
  14. I make sure I check everything twice daily. Sort of a fobia I got driving my POS in reality my 2003 is more perfect than many new Cars but still I keep check on it.
  15. for the exact reason I asked my Friend to give the cash he wants to spend on his car and so I can spend it wisely doing other stuff and getting his car done in another 2 years. Thank You for such kind advice
  16. Sorry for doing this actually I did that under pressure. This guy was just to hasty to ask. And I mixed up the questions my bad.
  17. Thank you for a great advice. Please also advice on those LCD ANDROID head unit sold in many shops are they good. Again thanks for sharing your experience.
  18. Bhai I saw some in the business list I gave the reference to my friend also before I posted in carnity. He told me one shop listed in sharjah is closed permanently.
  19. Can Someone recommend any Person or Shop who can do upholestry of car for cheap. Seat covers , door panels.My friend wants to change the interior color of is corolla 2009. Also please advice if Pioneer 250watt speaker with xplode 500watt amp and 800w pioneer subwoofer is good idea for the same car.
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