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  1. Looks like an Amazing Truck ! Glass is Glass and Glass always Break! : Zack (jerryrigseverything) Have your say
  2. There was a discussion on the forum sometime back for Garage on Wheels, Well some read read it and https://gulfnews.com/technology/mysyara-comes-to-the-uae-to-provide-all-the-car-services-you-need-right-at-your-doorstep-1.1573977813290 and started the App @Barry bro have your say!
  3. Looks like a Key of American SUV, Ford , GMC or Chevy. Yo Bro door step of your house you say well go down and Look for the truck that belongs to the Key! Drive it like you St*Le it!!
  4. Bro do you really think horses! The way we destroying our environment and raping Mother Earth now. I dont think there will be any other animals left to ride. The Jetsons! already answered that question along time ago.
  5. Sharjah Police! Man they are ever ready to catch you when you are in hurry!
  6. Its Logic, But think Bro how many people have Jobs due to this and their families surviving due to what they do! 1 in 100% people working in petrol pump can win 15 million too do you know that!
  7. Feeling Sad, Depressed and Low Lost (mine to be) Tahoe !!! The Guy said his relative needs it. #HeartBroken
  8. Awesome or Not is another thing Seems like a mini off road Computer. Shape like Ford Explorer that's what I think! let's know what all of you think
  9. SORRY Bhai I saw it on google involuntary response.
  10. You Mean Twice on Friday! Thats the only off Few people get a week you know in GCC
  11. This Topic made me Nostalgic, made me Miss My beautiful Pajero. How much I struggled to get her where she was and made @Barry work till he got his PHD in Pajerootics. But Now I think Tahoe will Lead me out of Depression. By the way after reading this if any one planning to buy 1 Full Option 2007 Pajero with Leather Seats and sun roof with very low mileage and well maintained do let me know.
  12. Me and @Gauravbhai so 1 in umm ramool once. Now I see that person driving the body of the EVO only.
  13. @Gauravbhai Gurkha regiment of UK Royal Army
  14. Yes it does everyone in office checking their Vehicle History But you have to register in this website for ESSMA.
  15. Yesterday I came across the Ministry of interior portal where you can check the History of the cars in UAE. Provided below is link https://portal.moi.gov.ae/eservices/PublicServices/AccidentsInquiry.aspx?Culture=en Hopefully its helpful to many.
  16. @Barry this reminds me of OLD Pajero days. You fixed it with your eyes closed. I am sure by this time you got your PHD in Pajeros. I really thought you could fix Pajeros ONLINE by now. Regarding the differential flashing light. My Pajero had loose pipe which was fixed by OIL change attendant and my 4x4 was fine after that.
  17. Bhai, My car is your car. Whenever you feel please it at your disposal come and take it. 25th October she will be mine. After 27th any time Bhai.
  18. Please Carnity Advice is needed, This is 1999 Chevy Tahoe, shes Old and a marathon of 330k km, She is made for Gulf Countries her Current Owner is Arab Person who loves her too much and is also her doctor and surgeon. Never been taken to any Garage for repairs and repaired with OEMS at Home. Due to unforeseen reason the family is moving and she is been given away. She drives like a dream. A/c is perfect, Has a extra fan to cool of in case she feels a extra Hot. Shes been my dream girl for Ages and now I am getting a chance to get her. With me shes not going go heavy 4x4 or not my daily driver Just passion and dream of Owning one for weekend with kids. Camping , Beach, fishing trips to Abu Dhabi or Fujeriah once a month. Ajman to sharjah every friday only. Now my friends I have explained myself to you and need your advice if i should bring this beauty home.
  19. Now that is Horror Story ! Halloween Spirit is High!! Bro
  20. Trying to control 3 Growing up Boys! I think can be counted as hobby
  21. Many people going to call me Dumb including my Dad but I have decided to sell my 2003 camry and Buying me American SUV. DONE!!!
  22. I am no expert on cars, but I really think American trucks(SUV) are reliable enough. A little amateur research and few days in used car markets of Ras Al Khor, Sharjah, Ajman. I found that older American Suv are more expensive and Still alive and kicking, and they are fast selling. Checking online advs you call the person they say its sold.
  23. Is it True the New Tahoes are much better than Land Cruiser? while having a debate in office this topic came up that the Tahoe is Cheaper more Powerful , more Economical in Fuel vise, more better options, better torque ,more horse power, more options better features more space. Has finally Chevy came up to give better competition Toyota or it only a Myth. I fell in love with a Tahoe I drove today for me it was far much better than driving LC200. Lets see what my other friends have to say. Is America Great Again!
  24. Thank you Bhai, Very true. I will do that tomorrow as I have already got written complains and Bill for checking. I will ask them to give me in written statement. Thank you so much for advise again.
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