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  1. Donated 100 points @brandan looking forward for more contribution from you on forum and earn points to keep membership active.
  2. @shadow79 there is a reason for each one carrying their own equipment and having one set of equipment will not be sufficient. Imagine in a convoy of over 20 cars if one person carrying this box has to approach the effected car every time. Also if one rope is used for a hard pull with 3 to 4 attempts it cannot be used again for recovery on the same trip. If the equipment gives up, breaks or bends we do not have anybody to rely on. Whatever the suggestions given are not here to burden anyone, if you're an off roader or aspire to be one, than all equipment is necessary for everyone who wants to be regular.
  3. For tires I am a great fan of Yokohama Geolandars now for both on and off road use, but if it's mostly for highway use I would recommend Nitto Duragrapplers and Kumho Solus KL21 both user reviews available on Carnity. For battery once I have gone for Amaron I never changed to any other brand, costs slightly higher but last over 4 years for me every time.
  4. For me driving from Sharjah to DIP is a long drive and back and the time, petrol and money spent is not worth it. I like the fact that 15 minutes drive to Ajman and @shadow79 would let me work on my car if I want to with the tools and his expert eyes on me and it would cost me much less.
  5. @Emmanuel thank you for and excellent trip report in my absence. Well narrated.
  6. VID-20190614-WA0020.mp4 VID-20190614-WA0020.mp4 Brilliant timing, just enough glimpse to realize where this guy made the mistake?
  7. I apply for the visa every time. Planning on getting the card.
  8. Thanks for sharing @Gaurav bhai was missing the flag on Burj Khalifa.
  9. I'm lucky to have family here and experience all theirs joys and sorrows all with a smile.
  10. I have seen a couple of nicely off road built Toyota Hilux TRD, Ford Everest and even the Ford Ranger Raptor is available in Bacolod city Philippines for sale. I'm still trying to find out the garage which does the off road mods as they are very tasteful and look awesome. More of that later. Yesterday I came to find out that there was a car show in Bacolod City seeing all the innovations to keep the cars running in many shapes as compared to their own I thought this would be interesting. I was pleasantly surprised to see full restored classics in their original form or even better. I have attached a few of them below, however my favorite number plate is NO H2O on a VW Beetle as they are originally air cooled engines.
  11. Happy belated independence day to all my Filipino Kabayan. I am in the City of Smiles Bacolod and the army had a display at one of the malls here. They had displayed their tanks, military mobility vehicles as well as their ambulance. Here are some of the pics, hope you enjoy.
  12. Looks much like the Kia Telluride.
  13. Not so interesting off road, but borderline acceptable at the price tag for on road comfort, safety and snazzy new features. I love the box shape.
  14. It's a hoax. At one point I had AED 5k on my pocket and used to be regular to one of the auction houses to decide if I want to give my car to them for sale. However after a few sit ins noticed that same faces every time from used car showrooms trying to create an atmosphere where they tried to over bid their own cars and at times trashed some personnel ones to get them dirt cheap. I would not recommend you to go through that channel. Some of these are abandoned cars and don't have keys, plus have been ripped apart to get in to them.
  15. Totally agree. This post itself deserves a like from every active member on Carnity.
  16. Everything has its goods and bads. We as humans have a choice and have to understand and take appropriate action. We as humans can only improve, so let's work towards a better future. Take advantage of the technology on hand and not get carried away by everything we see. Satisfaction does not come from a new car, a better watch or branded cloths, it comes from within. Always be thankful to God for what you have.
  17. Long time no see @jibransayed. Donated 100 points. The last I heard 5d was the latest and brightest with a rumour of 6d already being out. If you can get 6d and the wider the better. Check the measurement of your roof and get accordingly. They have some known electricians there who can fit it too. Make sure to fit it on a bracket with at least an inch from the body and make sure they do not reflect off the bonnet or you'll be blinded.
  18. @Avinash Vora the season never ends on Carnity. See you soon.
  19. I have had 2 5.7 Hemi Jeep Commander. A 2006 model which was under warranty which was an absolute amazing ride and loved it, but sold it as soon as warranty got over. The second was a 2008 model which was out of warranty and paid through my nose for the repairs and it never had a trouble free day. I would recommend to pay a little extra to get something newer under warranty. But be prepared to loose a lot of money and time when you want to sell it again as very few people willing to buy these.
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