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  1. I have 3 sets at the same old rate negotiated. You can contact me on O5O 6749O99 to get hands on your set.
  2. @Biju Abdul we do brief everyone say for example before going for side slopping and the drive lead is the first one to show and demonstrate how it's done even before any one else is allowed. Before Covid19 we even used to encourage drivers to join the senior members while doing it or the seniors could join the newer member while they performed these manoeuvres to give them confidence. As these are high risk manoeuvres it's not possible to talk on radio while performing them as full attention is required along with both hands on steering wheel.
  3. Congratulations @Frederik Bisbjerg. Well done to reach this new level which will bring on new and more fun challenges. Enjoy.
  4. Congratulations @Tero Vallas. Get ready for new challenges at this level. Hope you'll enjoy this part of learning.
  5. Congratulations @Mukundan Nair. Get ready for the new challenges presented at this level.
  6. Well done @Edgar. Congratulations. Next level, new things to learn and with the same passion and enthusiasm.
  7. Congratulations @Jeandre Bezuidenhout. New level, new challenges await you. Keep up the learning and progress.
  8. Congratulations @Neale Faulkner. Life is an adventure. Welcome to many more to come your way with loads of new challenges. Hope you're up for the new challenges coming your way.
  9. Congratulations @h1fny. Welcome to a new level with new things to learn and practice. Enjoy.
  10. Congratulations @Taha Elghuel. New things to learn and perfect at a new level. Enjoy.
  11. Congratulations @Sreejith Sreenivasan. I should thank you to show me the amazing value the LR2 presents and the fun you can have with the smallest member of the LR vehicles.
  12. Congratulations @topgear, you're now officially addicted to one of the best sports in this part of the world
  13. I have seen some drivers putting one leg put of the window. Besides dangerous it looks rude.
  14. Well controlling the touch screen through buttons on the steering wheel or voice command comes to mind. Since technology has done so well so for let's not go back, let's look forward to making things better.
  15. Congratulations @Biju Abdul. Hope you enjoy learning new tips and tricks at this level.
  16. Congratulations @J J well deserved promotion. Welcome to the hard work club, for sure you will work up a good sweat at this stage. Enjoy.
  17. Congratulations @Heisem. Hope you continue to enjoy learning the tips and tricks at this level.
  18. Congratulations @Islam Soliman. Hope you enjoy learning the new tips and tricks that come as part of this level.
  19. Congratulations @Christian Andras. Enjoy learning new tips and tricks that comes at this new rank.
  20. Thank you @Veedooshee. Stay blessed and keep safe. Congratulations on your well deserved new rank. Enjoy continuing to learn new tips and tricks at this level.
  21. Congratulations @VipinShetty. Well done, prepare for your new rank and enjoy learning the fun things at this level.
  22. Congratulations @David Ortells. Enjoy your new rank and more challenging drives.
  23. Congratulations @Veedooshee. I love a good detective from Colombo, to Kojak to Remington Steele to Monk. You quickly became my favourite after the number plate incident. Maybe we can start a new rank for you, Chief Detective.
  24. Wow excellent topic. As do not panic applies to the drivers the same applies to the trip lead and Marshals. Keep cool head. It does not matter if you can recover in 5 minutes or 2 hours as long as you come up with the perfect plan. Your plan might seem perfect to you with your experiences. But better to discuss with other seniors and get their point of view. Don't be me, in other words don't be stubborn. With years of experience around 3 years back we broke 3 tow ropes and spent 2 hours to be taught a lesson by the UAE nationals we think are very rough with their recoveries. Always keep yourself open to learn. Just my suggestion as everybody else has covered all points.
  25. Sorry @RohanH just to add. If the car starts heating up just little extra, like you said 55% don't switch off the engine. Just open the bonnet and spray water on radiator to give engine some fresh air to help it cool.
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