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  1. All the best with your flight schedule @Xaf. Looking forward to catch up with you.
  2. Rahimdad

    Best SUV

    That's not only true for German or American cars anymore. That holds true for every new car out of the showroom. If you want reliable go for a Japanese, preferably Toyota. Sure you dish out a little extra upfront, but they are the best in reliability.
  3. I do not have a bash plate. I have so far managed without one.
  4. Any old vehicle comes with some amount of love and work to make it tic longer. Just make sure engine and gear are good. 2002 - 2005 came with the 3.5 litre version. First thing get all the oils and liquids drained, put in New ones. Check all the rubber bushings, hoses, pipes, etc and change whatever is necessary. It might cost you just under 2k but well worth to keep it running.
  5. Rahimdad

    Best SUV

    Different strokes for different folks. Very generic question as to which is best. Let us know which is the best when you get your hands on it.
  6. I agree with @desertdude summer time is best time to buy. However second best time is October-November when newer models are introduced. Just need to know how to drive a bargain.
  7. @Jamy B. welcome back. You still have a long way to go to qualify for the intermediate level. Since you've been away for long period you'll have to start all over again. I personally like the 3.8 litre as it offers the rear difflock also. It would be mighty useful if it is a SWB rather than LWB. In a way I agree with @Gaurav bhai to go with the Xterra, of course a used one and spend money on maintaining, repairing or mods to the car. You don't want to bring in a brand new 100k car to the desert. When you do decide to go for expedition do a little research and rent a fully insured vehicle from that place to help you keep your car safe.
  8. You do realize this is a 2 1/2 year old post.
  9. Trip report - started with a little delay after a long time. After the briefing we were off to the deflation point. Quick deflation and convoy numbering we were off. It was a good lead in an awesome area with a couple of refusals and stucks, just to keep us busy. Right on Pink Rocks we had gear issues with one of the vehicle so we decided to exit. From a pretty cloudy and cool day as soon as the clouds disappeared it started getting hot. We had a quick bite and discussion. At this point we inflated and headed back home. Once again great drive with great people.
  10. Thank you @tjsingh & @Shamil. I will collect the money on Friday once you're ok with your products.
  11. Wagan and Qua desert also offer dark environment, the moon should be at its lowest brightness though.
  12. @tjsingh as discussed my friend has the viking rope set with 2 soft shackles, gloves and bag available. If you ok with AED 350 I will get it this Friday. @Shamil I have sources 2 soft shackles for you at AED 150 for 2 pieces. If you are ok with that I will pick it up for this Friday. Please confirm latest by tomorrow, 8 October.
  13. First of all congrats @jibransayed for the longest title yet for a thread. Regarding the suspensions you will feel the lag or bounce when you drive or when you are going over a speed bump. Best is to get OEM, have to check if they are firm. I got lucky with a suspension shop in Sharjah who had some lying around from a Japanese import. They were hardly used and once I changes I immediately felt the difference. If you're looking for long term off roading than some after market ones like king shocks or old man emu will do you good. They are stiffer and offer you better traction off road, however they will kill your back on the road.
  14. Both @Halit Mert Issever and @Xaf have the right idea, speed plus fighting gravity. What about when this guy reversed out. BTW @Gaurav bhai at the end it seems they have a radio and they did the right thing by asking him to stop and give a thought about the events. Behind steering wheel in that frame of mind he could have only made more mistakes.
  15. Speaks volumes about Carnity if an established site like YouTube follow the footsteps of Carnity.
  16. I don't agree with used stuff as it might rattle also since it is a common problem.
  17. Looks awesome. I too am eyeing a good condition Tahoe. Will try to look harder.
  18. I used champion spark plugs on my Discovery and they were good, not so sure about the Jeep.
  19. Totally agree with @Srikumar steam wash is the best. Full auto detailing even better. There are sprays in the US market to soften and rejuvenate rubber, not quite sure if I have seen any products here that would serve the purpose.
  20. Sorry @Atif. Bhai. Maybe next time I will call you before leaving home to make sure you're up. Thanks for sharing the video @Halit Mert Issever you'll get better with every drive. Dank U @Xaf for your kind words and spirit, Oreos are my favourite. Will always have my eyes searching for your sign up.
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