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  1. Insha Allah. May it give you years of pleasure.
  2. Awesome video @Mikhail Lukichev. Always impressed with all your shares. Will never be bored of Liwa and its many stories. Loved to see Liwa through your eyes.
  3. I guess that was really @Lucky sAm.
  4. 276 horses power turned out to be less. Needed 8 human power also. Look at @Vanessa8580 push with all her body wameight behind that. Excellent team work.
  5. Liwa through my eyes. My respect too all who joined us in Liwa after all the challenges. The testing for Covid19, driving around 350 kms on road each way, crossing the border into Abu Dhabi, being prepared to travel light and yet have all the essentials at hand. I remember seeing and hearing about Liwa and getting scared, preparing myself for that pilgrimage every serious off-roader ultimately makes. It took me 2 years to muster up the courage to say yes I'm ready to take on what Liwa has to offer. There was a strange feeling in my stomach when I first laid eyes on those huge dunes, a feeling I still get today after several trips here. Firstly I thank God Almighty for giving us such a beautiful terrain and thank Him again for giving us the means to experience it from the inside. My sincere respect to all who signed up for @Gaurav bhai dream to take all levels into and out these awesome but fearful dunes. I have to thank each and every senior off-roader from our club to pitch in and support in every way possible. @Gaurav, @Srikumar, @Frederic, @Asif Hussain and @Emmanuel thank you all for your wonderful leadership. @Wrangeld, @Jeepie, @Vanessa8580, @Desert Dweller, @Foxtrot Oscar, @Brette, @Lorenzo Candelpergher, @Tbone, @Janarthan, and @Pancho for a support without doubting that we could get everyone participating through the toughest terrain known to mankind. Atheist in our region. @Asif Hussain who led our team from the front, thank you for your careful planning to successfully complete an entire set of dunes to trying our best and making it on top of Moreeb dune for an amazing moment to be with the entire Carnity team. @Ahab Shamaa I have liked you from your participation on the forum, but meeting with you in person I've fallen in love with you brother. Your second lead was perfect and allowed us to avoid any difficulties. Plus your winch once discovered was a huge blessing and worked well throughout except when we needed it for you. We only used the tow rope to recover the winch. Keeping a cool and calm head in times of difficulty allowed a clear thinking which avoided any disasters. @Ashok chaturvedi your Pajero made it all the way to the end. It might be a bit old and tired, but processes the heart of a lion just like you. Liwa is a scary terrain, but you and your Pajero marched on and survived to come out stronger and happier the next time around. @Sinol I saw you throughout the day and you might have started weak. But you kept up with the convoy and the challenges Liwa has to offer. You learned and progressed and felt more comfortable as the drive progressed. It was a pleasure to watch you grow in a day in a terrain which can easily throw you off your ride. You even surprised me towards the end as you crossed over some really difficult sections all by yourself and with good control. @Brette you have a new pronunciation to your name by the end of the day. Your courage, positive energy, willingness to help and all without coffee was commendable. You never tired ostensible, atleast you never showed it as you were rushing everywhere as and when required. @Arda Yagcioglu you managed the whole terrain without any help. It was a treat watching you coming through the toughest of patches with a lot of confidence. Why it is special is it gives the support team to pay more attention to those who require it. Your patience through situations where we needed to assist certain drivers is highly appreciated and helpful in so many ways. @Archibald Jurdi with his awesome Wrangler was a treat to watch specially handling his manual gear as he scaled some of the highest dunes. You needed the minimum of assistance and self recovers yourself from a very soft pocket with a little help from a friend. @Francois Germishuys made it to Liwa but still finds it difficult for us to pronounce your name. I hope I finally got that right. It was a great pleasure to have you ride just in front of me. I loved to watch you drift whenever there was an opportunity. You are not only a very capable individual who is ready to help whenever required, but great company as and when I had the opportunity to chat with you. After 12 years of thinking sand rails don't work, you have changed my mind as on 3 - 4 occasions you've proved me wrong. Well done. Even though at one point I had you flying across the FJ. But a well timed help and concentrated effort my long time misconception of the sand rail has been broken. I had the most wonderful time with our convoy and would not trade it for any other for a wonderful Liwa experience. My pics including @Ahab Shamaa in his cliff hanger have been added to the Gallery.
  6. Thanks for posting this Dr @Mohamed Seidam. I think this was already posted earlier. From my point of view the car for some reason stalled as I cannot hear the engine at the point the FJ starts slipping and thus I feel he did not have steering as well. Really sad.
  7. Awwww. Our Sherlock @Veedooshee will not help us find our fallen treasures in Liwa.
  8. Japan Allah khair @Mohamed Seidam. Liwa is a terrain which demands total respect, concentration and to push ourselves and our vehicles to extremes. We need every prayer and good wishes from brothers and sisters like you. We will miss physically anybody who is unable to make it to Luwa. But rest assured there will be plenty of buzz, pics and stories to come out after we return. Insha Allah with the popular demand and good weather we would definitely love to arrange a few more such events before the weather takes a turn towards heat.
  9. Trip Report: The drive with the most drop outs So how did my morning start. Terrible in one word. @Shamil could make it due to fever, better safe than sorry. @Gaurav Soni went to the wrong meeting point, fortunately he was on @Gaurav bhai drive who was also doing a newbie drive and allowed him to join. Finally I had to send back @Hisham Masaad as he did not have a radio and we did not have a spare set. After everyone deflated and after the quick brief we rearranged the convoy and were on our way. At this point my day started getting better as the convoy I had on the day was funtastic. We had loads of fun as we played around and had some play time with some sides. Everybody managed well and showed good steering and throttle control. We reached Fossil Rock within no time but since the descent was terrible we just took a detour from the side and headed towards Faya. As we played around reaching Faya almost all the way from the back side. I say almost as I was reminded that the convoy I was leading was a Newbie convoy. You can just imagine my joy to see Newbies cope so well. My heartfelt thanks to @Rizwan Waheed for being an excellent second lead. Also my thanks to @Atif bhai for being an excellent centre forward. Special thanks to @Pickey Singh for being an excellent sweep and not only keeping the whole convoy together but keeping me updated regularly on the convoy movement. @Syed Raza Hussain was at his best, however I do feel sorry for a struggling shouting Pajero. @ALI ALMOUMAR impressed me with his all powerful Prado a smile which pushed me beyond the Newbie level. A good word from him is what made me realise its a Newbie group. @Luca Bregni enthusiasm was so infectious to add extra power to the whole group. His control of his Wrangler showed in both steering and throttle as he conquered the area with ease. @Aravind Padmaraju with his Xperia showed us his talent and all that he has learned with full competence. @Ken Hüüdma with his Patrol seemed like he's meant for this sport as I enjoyed watching him handle his Y62 so well. @Federico De Chirico with his 3.8 Pajero managed the drive with both steering and throttle control giving me confidence in his level of drive. Always a pleasure to watch @Shyam Karat handling his Wrangler limo Unlimited. Great inspiration to watch him go through the dunes as if we are driving on Sheikh Zayed Road. @Arun Mathew with his Wrangler just reinforced the strength of the Wrangler crew without any sticks or refusals. In conclusion what started for me as a somewhat terrible day turned out to be one of the most enjoyable days. All thanks to the people on the drive. Going beyond their capacity and pushing themselves and supporting each other to make it another wonderful day out.
  10. Thank you @Zed for remembering and following my advise. The Nagra dune is cursed and we always face incidents but mostly on the back side. I'm glad you're safe but I felt that you were too close to the Jeep in front and some distance would have avoided the distraction and maybe allowed you to exit quicker.
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