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  1. The best place is the person. Who told you about the leak. He already knows and can't charge you for showing you the leak. You don't have to tell him that you're not going to fix it with them. If you go out someone will have to detect something and some of them just b***s*** you so why take that chance. If the service advisor b***s*** you than he's going to get caught if you ask him to show you the leak. My advise to go back and ask them to show you the lrleak and what he means by its not serious and how long before you need to get the work done on it as it's summer and you are genuinely worried.

  2. I have seen this long time back. I will let the newbies and Fewbies take a crack at what went wrong here. Nowadays most 4x4s are made lighter, with crumple zones and with materials which get effected easily. This could be due to emission levels which they need to control, in the name of safety or just for cost cutting to keep their costs low and profit margins high. Most manufacturers don't make money while selling cars, but from selling spares, this car is going to need all the left side panels at the minimum.

  3. I was about to call @Ale Vallecchi. The boring lead with no stucks, but @Gaurav bhai called shotgun on that. @asifk your good deed is really well worth any drive. However it is always the case for over heat specially during the summer. It would be good to do some research and add an additional gear oil cooler. Also start experimenting by going lower PSI on your tires. The less the resistance from your tires the less the stress on the engine and gearbox.

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  4. Best way to grow in this sport is to loose count or stop counting and keep learning and start enjoying. Most clubs don't offer genuine reason for the upgrade and thus we designed this structure where everything is in writing and visible to all. You can definitely have a good idea as to how you can keep track of your progress, but ask the people who got promoted, it all depends on your comfortably level. Some learn fast, some learn slow. You might het one part right, but something else needs polishing, we will never risk promoting you to the next level if we are not sure that you can handle the previous level well and your learning curve is going upwards direction. Just enjoy, learn and let the time and experience take you to the next level.

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  5. Congratulations @Ale Vallecchi, you certainly deserve this promotion. Not only do I love your calm, but also your down to earth attitude. I believe you when you say that you are still taking every opportunity to learn from everyone, new and old as I myself am still learning the art after spending over 12 years in this sport. God has his way to introduce us, we might never expect to meet each other again, but you left a very pleasant memory after our first meet at 2nd December which turned into a full on celebration when you joined at Carnity. Very proud of the way you have progressed and have a nature of taking people you have driven with along with you. You will never be alone and always find the support from this community as and when required. Can't wait to fly under your wings. As @Gaurav bhai says everyone has his own flavour of driving, I can't wait to taste the success of one of your drives.

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