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  1. @Emmanuel absolute beautiful trip report just as amazing as your lead. After a long time I really enjoyed the drive and I could feel participants were hungry for more. Thank to @Jamy B. for her company and great to see @Xaf and @Shamil improving on crossing the ridge as the drive progressed. @Ale Vallecchi and his family were just amazing picking up other people's garbage, just made me realize you have to practice it during a break. It was lovely to see smart driving from @Ale Vallecchi as he kept a very cool head and had a few refusals but recovered well. Overall a fun filled afternoon. @Brette to learning the ropes along with @AKR, both are driving their Jeeps to the limit. Great to see people develop over time.

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  2. Trip report - Nice crisp fresh morning air with a ray from the rising sun got me up fresh and ready to go. It was great to see everybody on time. A first for Carnity was brewing as I met @Soren who was unaware on how to join. By the time the seniors could contemplate on a decision he had signed up and joined the drive. Over the drive to roar from his Nissan Titan kept us excited.

    We quickly headed to the deflation point where we completed our briefing for our newest members @Soren and @Zed. After a long time I had some trouble deciding convoy numbering assisted by @Frederic to get everybody standing in their convoy positions and we were off. As per our newbie training we started off with some easy dunes and build it to tougher terrain. Everybody managed well and we were at the base of Pink Rocks in good time.

    At this point we crossed the Pink Rocks to further feed the spirit of adventure as we headed towards the Big Red. We were faced with slightly more challenging dunes, but @Shamil, @Frederic and @Emmanuel kept us all moving. Looking at the clock and it was close to the Friday prayer timing. Just than we found a super smooth route which allowed us to complete 6 kilometers off road in 15 minutes.

    As we hit the road I heard the Azaan from the mosque on the other side. Quickly I headed to cross the bridge to the Bidayer shops and rushed for prayers. After the prayers we had a light lunch with plenty of contributions from all. As the newbies headed home, the Fewbies got prepared for the second half of the day. For more on that stay tuned to the Fewbie drive thread to get the flavour of what was in store for us.

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  3. I agree with @Frederic and @desertdude. If ever you feel that your FJ has reached its limits and you need a little extra, you can get it done at quarter of the price being charged by Al Futtaim and enjoy your ride further. They are basically the same vehicle, the Extreme is fitted with fox suspensions and some fancy paint job and accessories, nothing you can't buy from outside at a much lower cost.

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  4. For a change my wife dragged me to Ace Hardware saying it's on 90% sale. It was difficult to find parking with people coming out with bags full. Sure a few useless things. But the Busjranger air compressors are going for a bargain. Anyone interested het it today itself as last day for this sale.




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  5. Attention all newbies, this one is specially for you. Naval Mazda more popularly known as Pink Rock will be part of our morning tour and if time permits we will finish it off at the Bid Red also known as Bidayer. Time to find out how they got their names. This  area offers one of the best set of dunes that suites drives at various levels. Plan is to have a relaxed morning Newbie drive till about 11:00 am. Depending on the Fewbie response, we shall then have a second session after the Friday Prayers in some more challenging dunes to suit the Fewbies.

    When: 06 December 2019

    Meeting time: 8:00 AM sharp, convoy will move at 8:15 AM.

    Where: Tawi Nazwa Shops

    GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/4U9z5Q9HdesX3UU59

    Level: All levels welcome.

    Type of Car: Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance.

    Plan:  Newbie Drive till about 11:00 am

    What to bring along: Snacks - whatever you like with little extra to share -, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

    Approximate finish time: 12:30 PM

    Please RSVP the below calendar event



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