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  1. I have made 2 mistakes in my life. My Renault Megan's, which I bought due to my great experience with a Renault Clio. Even paid a bit more to get with warranty from the dealer, but every service I was handed a bill which was at least 4 times to cost of the service to some failure not covered by warranty. My second mistake was my 2nd Jeep Commander which I got with my great experience with the first one. However as the story unfolded the 2nd one was an American Import which kept giving me lot of issues and within an year had to sell it for peanuts as the Oman market closed any cars over 10 years old. Hard lessons learned in both cases.
  2. This holds true anywhere in the world. Thus a more reliable ride will cost you more compared to a less reliable one. Example a Toyota Prado 2004 model might be selling between 30k - 40k where as a Ford Explorer of the dame model will sell below 10k. This is because the Toyota is more reliable and generally needs only periodic services, whereas an Explorer needs more repairs thus increasing the cost of ownership. Buying secondhand also means taking on somebody else's problems and you can never be sure, although a proper inspection might help your cause.
  3. Dank u well. Love to meet you soon.
  4. Welcome Xaf. First time I heard this name, where are you from?
  5. Not exactly a car show, but I sneaked into the garage of a company that deals with 4x4 mods. This is one of the reasons I want to settle down in Philippines when I retire. Only mud and mountain off roading here only.
  6. Donated 100 points @brandan looking forward for more contribution from you on forum and earn points to keep membership active.
  7. @shadow79 there is a reason for each one carrying their own equipment and having one set of equipment will not be sufficient. Imagine in a convoy of over 20 cars if one person carrying this box has to approach the effected car every time. Also if one rope is used for a hard pull with 3 to 4 attempts it cannot be used again for recovery on the same trip. If the equipment gives up, breaks or bends we do not have anybody to rely on. Whatever the suggestions given are not here to burden anyone, if you're an off roader or aspire to be one, than all equipment is necessary for everyone who wants to be regular.
  8. For tires I am a great fan of Yokohama Geolandars now for both on and off road use, but if it's mostly for highway use I would recommend Nitto Duragrapplers and Kumho Solus KL21 both user reviews available on Carnity. For battery once I have gone for Amaron I never changed to any other brand, costs slightly higher but last over 4 years for me every time.
  9. For me driving from Sharjah to DIP is a long drive and back and the time, petrol and money spent is not worth it. I like the fact that 15 minutes drive to Ajman and @shadow79 would let me work on my car if I want to with the tools and his expert eyes on me and it would cost me much less.
  10. @Emmanuel thank you for and excellent trip report in my absence. Well narrated.
  11. VID-20190614-WA0020.mp4 VID-20190614-WA0020.mp4 Brilliant timing, just enough glimpse to realize where this guy made the mistake?
  12. I apply for the visa every time. Planning on getting the card.
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