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  1. @luwaimn sorry this is for Fewbie driver level and above. If I'm not mistaken you've completed only one newbie drive. Please do share with us if you have previous experience so that we might consider your joining this drive. @Brette very good question also. Anyone who has done at least a couple of Fewbie drives and has confidence to take it to the next level may join this drive. However these are fast paced drives and minimum stoppage time for recoveries is highly appreciated.
  2. I pay Salon through my ADCB app on my mobile, takes me only a few seconds to log in and pay. I get my ADCB touchpoints for every transaction.
  3. Trip Report. What a magical day. Started with a sprinkle of rain. Reached to the meeting point to find everybody waiting. Great to see such enthusiasm and energy. After our newbie brief we headed to the deflation point. Once the convoy numbering was assigned we were off. The new comers and first timers were absolutely putting everything briefed in to practice. After a couple of refusals we tried to move but had to stop as one of the cars was having a slight issue. The car was safely guided back to the road and the owner joined Emmanuel to learn from the passenger seat. We started again and the weather kept us very comfortable. As we slowly but steadily made it towards Pink Rocks, we came across a few camels. Not to disturb them from their breakfast we parked our cars at a distance and started to walk towards them. They were gracious to accept us in their terrain and after a few hugs, pets and selfies we were back to our cars and headed to the base of Pink Rocks. As we came close to the Pink Rocks we could see and hear the roaring engines of those playing on the Pink Rocks. Eventually we made it to the base and settled down. I should thank everybody for some amazing breakfast, looked better than what the camels were having and surely tasted wonderful. As we came to the end of our breakfast everyone was quick to help pack up. At this point we headed to the top of Pink Rocks, everybody made it to the top which is commendable for first timers and newbies. We headed out in a slightly more challenging track which bought us out to 2nd December Cafeteria which was closed for Friday prayers. With a little helping hand we could inflate all the cars. At this point we headed back home, or Friday prayers for the Muslims. And @Emmanuel, @Srikumar and I headed to Al Faqa area for the afternoon drive. Well done to all and looking forward to to many more drives. All newbies please do share your experience. My pictures have already been updated in the Gallery.
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