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  1. DRIVE RSVP IS CLOSED NOW @Aus Alzubaidi and @Sreenath Giridharan sorry but no drop outs. Better luck next time. Here is the final convoy list 1. Rahimdad - Pathfinder 2. Atif - Prado (Second Lead) 3. Rizwan Waheed - Pajero 4. Syed Raza Hussain - Pajero 5. Ali Almoumar - Prado 6. Luca Bregni - JK 7. Aravind Padmaraju - Xterra 8. Shamil - Xterra (Centre Forward) 9. Ken Huudma - Patrol 10. Federico Dechiro - Pajero 3.8 11. Gaurav Soni - Pajero 3.8 12. Horsham Masaad - FJC 13. Shyam Karat - JKU 14. Arun Mathew - JK 15. Picket Singh - FJC (Sweep) @Atif @Rizwan Waheed @Syed Raza Hussain @ALI ALMOUMAR @Luca Bregni @Aravind Padmaraju @Shamil @Ken Hüüdma @Federico De Chirico @Gaurav Soni @Hisham Masaad @Shyam Karat @Arun Mathew @Pickey Singh Please be on time, sharp at 6:00 AM, little early is always better. Please tune to Carnity Channel 2 Deflate your tires to as soon as you reach to the meeting point. Be inside your car - AT ALL TIMES - after the deflation.
  2. @Ahab Shamaa we never leave anyone behind. I really appreciate your kind gesture, but I would really like your smile through your amazing FJ. At our age we already face everything with a smile, but Liwa experience like @Wrangeld put it is awesome and with an aching back will leave a smile on everyone's face till we head to Liwa again. Sure it is challenging, but we wouldn't invite all level of drivers if it was not possible. However you have to be aware that it's not a usual day drive, instead it's a journey which will turn boys to men. Thus men like you and I need to pull up our socks and show the boys how it's done.
  3. @syed1987 there are a lot of buts and trust issues with Al Futtaim. Why would you go with them if you have trust issues? Why would you go through with the deal if you had issues with their service standard? Why did you go with them when you know you could have got it cheaper without a warranty? If the price from a single owner was cheaper and had all the paper work you should have purchased from that individual. They run a business and would purchase those vehicles at lower cost from the individual and sell it to you at a profit. Their reputation in used vehicle comes from their warranty and people who boost their business by buying through them for convenience and a false sense of security. Used cars warranty is not similar to a new car warranty. The money you would have saved could have helped you with repair costs if any.
  4. @Ahab Shamaa you jumped the gun mate. I was about to prepare some nice statistics and ask the next question. Rivian R1T, Rivian R1S, Tesla Cybertruck or the Hummer EV. I personally have been following the Rivian for past 3 years and Hummer EV more recently. Rivian R1T is my favourite.
  5. @Sreenath Giridharan unfortunately there have been no drop outs so far. Let's wait till tomorrow.
  6. @Sreenath Giridharan I can see that you're already confirmed on @Gaurav bhai afternoon drive. I've waitlisted you as below. 1 @Aus Alzubaidi 2 @Sreenath Giridharan
  7. For the first one he's professional. Second one he let the gas go while coming down, and I'm not sure if that was deliberate or his car stalled, but when the car starts to fishtail you need to correct the steering a bit and slight gas to correct it. He never corrected the fish tailing resulting in a roll over.
  8. tsystem.thank you for keeping me informed @varunmehndiratta. @Michael Gazi I can see that you've got on to @Gaurav bhai drive. So only @Aus Alzubaidi is now on waiting list for this drive.
  9. @syed1987 congratulations on your new purchase. Nobody can truly know if a car is going to be good for 150k or more. General consensus is not to go for American cars due to their high cost of maintenance and low resale values. However I've seen some people spend something initially on their second hand purchases but going untroubled throughout, where others have suffered with a similar vehicle. Everybodies experience forms their opinions. Should you sell it at 150k kms or sell it at the first sign of trouble, or drive it to its grave are all questions that vary on each situation. As far as Al Futtaim warranty goes they are the dealers for Dodge in the UAE and would not replace the parts with cheaper ones. However I have noticed that some companies offer warranty on used cars for only major components such as engine and gearbox and everything else you need to pay for. I was not aware that Molar is giving out warranties in UAE for used vehicles. Can you please share the details of the warranty you've received from Al Futtaim and the warranty being offered to you by Mopar, so that we can make a learned decision. Regarding the infotainment system, please check with Al Futtaim/ Trading Enterprise if it's possible to add the maps and how much it would cost. You can also compare the cost with some outside car audio shops to see if you can get a better deal. However with the modern smart phones coming with GPS navigation I wouldn't bother about having one on my infotainment system.
  10. For a first drive below is the waiting list for first drive: 1 @Michael Gazi 2 @Aus Alzubaidi Waiting list for a second drive: 1 @varunmehndiratta Dear @Aus Alzubaidi I've waitlisted you to this drive, please post a request on any other drives you're interested in so that the rspective drive leader can wait list you on their drive as well.
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