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  1. Well .. did he really take it with him or not is something no one can ever tell.. but he died a happy man thinking he was in fact taking it with him.. good for him!
  2. A lot to remember and do for a simple job, thanks for letting us know!
  3. good post, never knew most of this, thanks for sharing Barry
  4. Don't know about car theft but never leave any valuables in the car.. including dashboard... talking from experience!
  5. I have been using icar registration services for the past few years and find it reasonable and convenient to do so instead of doing it myself.. the number I have is 0556600799
  6. I for one will not waste no time in installing the back off radio... tail gating is the bane of my life!
  7. the only times i would want driverless car is during rush hours in a traffic jam... driving is almost cathartic otherwise!
  8. Wow...will definitely visit !!
  9. Its the temperature of the air/atmosphere that matters.. if directly under the sun, any surface will heat up way faster than the actual temperature in general.
  10. He himself will not be around so he is pretty safe! @Barry, exciting bit of news there, looking forward to seeing those around.
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