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  1. You paid 2500 for 2 shocks? What were they made of? It costed me 480 dhms to replace my front shocks with protection of which 390 dhms was for material and balance for labor.
  2. Amaron has lasted very well for me. We have a couple of those batteries in our forklifts at our factory and seeing the performance I have installed one in my car too.
  3. One of my colleague has “donated” more than 45000 in last 3 years. 😳
  4. Hi Gaurav! Thank you for your advise! Over past 2 days I have approached some garages and one name which popped out the most was KYB. Are they any good? Regards
  5. I have a Pajero 2015, 3.5 ltr V6. So I had this severe dashboard rattle which started sometime back. I suspected the tyres and got them checked at multiple shops with all of them saying that the tyre has got some life left. However this week the rattling was unbearable at any small dips or on even slight variations on the road. I thought to get my shocks checked once for any leakages or any damage to the shocks. The culprit was found. The right front shock had a broken bush and the left one was not behaving normal. The left shock absorber behaviour could be because the right bush was
  6. Hi, I stay in RAK so I can refer to Garages in RAK only. I doubt that would not be helpful. Regards, Vishnu That scares me out. Looks like Crude oil.. Will have to get it done immediately.
  7. Hi Randhir! I have changed my phones and unfortunately I do not have the contact to share. However the person was recommended by @Barry I remember that the workshop was beside Barry's Ghost Tint workshop. @Barry could you kindly pass on the contact once more to Randhir so that he can speak to the person. Thank you!
  8. Thank you Rahimdad! Timing belt was changed at 100000 kms at an agency recommended by Barry.
  9. Hello everyone, I recently got the 120K service done. Habtoor quoted me 3200 Aed for what they called as Major service for which they would basically be replacing all fluids in the car. Got it done outside for 1000 AED which covered a) Engine Oil and filter - Total 5W30 Synthetic oil. b) Differential oil change - front and rear c) Coolant Change d) Brake Oil Change(Toyota brand DOT 3) e) All spark plugs were replaced by new ones (NGK Brand). Apparently some of them were changed earlier but I asked them to change all 6 of them. f) Air filter replaced The
  10. I guess the gentleman made up his mind to get the belt changed in Habtoor, much before the comments poured in. 😁
  11. Wow Gaurav Bhai! Cool news really! Without the help of those persons you have listed it would not have been possible I guess.
  12. I have tried this STP thing offlate in my Pajero. I have not found any difference. On the contrary, the car's Fuel Efficiency went for a toss and I felt robbed of my 51 Dhms. 😥
  13. Hi. If the noise is only on rough terrain I would not bother much. The garage is not owned by Mr Mohsin. He works there as the service manager. And yes @Barry has suggested to get the timing belt replaced there. Regards,
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