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  1. @Gaurav Well I would tell him that matter @Rahimdad thanks for the advice
  2. Hello everyone here. My friend wants to buy a car and I hope you guys can help me. He wanted to buy a Porsche and he has 2 choices, the Panamera S Hybrid 2014 and the Panamera GTS 2014. Both are great looking cars but which one is better? What are the pros and cons? My friend has a huge budget and he told me that he's willing to buy a new one. Would you help me, guys?
  3. Well, thanks everyone! I have learned a lot from you people!
  4. @Rahimdad Yes, it is! It is so fascinating.
  5. Don't make yourself feel bad. It would be better if you just forget it
  6. May I ask this question? Is buying a pre-owned car a good thing? What are the pros and cons to it?
  7. Don't think too much. I think it's just okay. As long as you know that you didn't do anything wrong, then you'll be fine
  8. Have you seen the porsche lighting system? It is a great tool since it can illuminate through the light and it will provide you clear vision of the road
  9. Yes, you're right there buddy. Prevention is better than cure
  10. Well thank you everyone for the advice. I will surely take these things into consideration
  11. Our car is one of the essential things in our life. It can help us travel to the place we want to go. Since it has great value to us, it is necessary for us to take care of it. But what are the things we need to consider in order to prolong it's life?
  12. I would agree with there. It will have a long line for their turn
  13. Well, I would agree with you there buddy! The sun heat has a great impact to the carpaint. Find a garage that can cover the car from direct sunlight
  14. I hope everyone enjoyed this day. It's really the most wonderful time of the year! Let's spread love and joy through out the world
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