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  1. I know for sure 2009 does not have timing chain. Because i changed it 6 months back.
  2. Hi, can anyone review the peugeot 208. should i buy it. actually i need it for my wife. and which hatchbacks are good ones in respect to a balance between appearance, price and maintenance costs. Thanks .
  3. This may be relevant. An old 1988 The Economist cover page.
  4. I think its Engine oil because the quantity is decreasing and the oil change mechanic checked the gear oil quantity which is ok. The oil is dripping on the exhaust manifold from where i marked in the pic and burning with a smell.
  5. I recently went for oil change at the petrol pump and the mechanic showed me that it is leaking engine oil from underneath. What could be the problem and how much could it cost I have a Pajero 2009 please help.
  6. Well said . Maybe its like that because people are afraid they will get stuck if they do offroading or they buy the vehicle so expensive they dont want to damage it.
  7. Hi, I have a Pajero 2009 3.0 v6. can someone guide me to how to change the spark plugs on this vehicle because some times when starting the engine I notice a sound when like a plug is misfiring or not firing then after some seconds it is ok.. I am a bit of a DIY and used to change the plugs on my old datsun and suzuki back at home, but this is totally different. One more thing , can anybody guide me where to get the Service and Workshop manual if its available anywhere. Thanks and Regards.
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