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  1. Why I chose Hankooks

    I see!! Your wisdom of decision making is really great Thanks for the Instagram links
  2. American vs German and why?

    Pajero is a living nightmare, One of my close friend is struggling with it and he has only done 35000 km or something.
  3. how to avoid tail gaters

    According to the tests i personally did with Ford Explorer, Mazda 3 and Honda Civic, Analog speedometers are the worsts!! I have digital and analog both in mazda 3 with hud display I drive at flat 122 with cruise and never get a flash, where ford explorer had to drive 124 to match up to my car, We used the same application i mentioned above in my comments to check the speeds, Honda CIVIC had to do 125 to achieve actual speed of 120. Yes you are right i don't understand this too, its actually manufacturers + car condition + age of the meter + tyres pressure and lots of things, I have digging this topic for a long time and there are alot of things which result in slow driving. I have adaptive cruise so whenever i get close to someone on the fast line the speed drops from 122 to 180 or sometimes 160 just to keep safe flat distance from the car which means the driver must be thinking he is going at 120 which he isn't so i get frustrated too that if you don't wanna drive move to the right, because at the same time I don't want to overtake from the hard shoulder the only option is to get close a little bit and cancel my cruise to let em know. and if its Abu Dhabi number plate i just overtake lol because they simply don't care.
  4. how to avoid tail gaters

  5. Active Display / Heads Up Display / Mazda 3 2015

    Check new MAZDA 3 2017 and MAZDA CX9 2017 they are dope! They have improved alot
  6. Active Display / Heads Up Display / Mazda 3 2015

    Yes, i went to the dealer! I don't know man they kept the car for a week just because they couldn't find the problem once they even told me, we didn't find any issue and I have to kind of argue about that, But anyways just today I got the car back and yes they found the issue that its kind of lose inside, The Hinges and glass itself is fine it's the projector, So they said is it's a unique issue and we ordered the parts from japan which will take 40-50 days and then we will replace it and it will be under warranty, I had front wheel bearings issue as well they also replaced those under warranty, which is nice Thanks guys for the help.
  7. how to avoid tail gaters

    Something really nice would be, You have to understand that you are going slow in the fast lane, IF you have a normal speedometer and if you are going at 119, it means you are driving at 115-117. and probably the other driver is DOT ON 121, or may some emergency happened in his life that he is in rush OR he is just simply stupid. So please ensure your safety first keep looking at the back mirror and change the lane even before the situation comes to tail gaiting, flashing and blinding you If you want to double check your speed when you are driving mount your phone in a safe place and use this app or similar app of iOS https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mrchops.android.digihud&hl=en I have builtin digital hud display in my car so i double checked it and i always have to face slow drivers driving at 110 or 100 and they dont even realize that there is empty lane on thier right where they can driver in thier comfort zone i struggle with the opposite thing because i dont want to overtake over the hard shoulder. Anyways you get the idea DRIVE SAFE and in speed limits Cheers!!
  8. Since I got this car I am always struggling with the positioning of the HUD, I used to change the height in the settings to match me sitting position, but everytime I restart the car the display goes somewhere no one knows, so it required almost 80% of the time refixing whenever i sit in the car, So what i did is another way around, I reset all the settings to default and change me seating position according to the HUD, So the issue of repositioning it again and again is fixed(i assume everytime it was going to it start position or something) But now what happens is whenever I hit a bump or something the whole thing moves, I believe it's the projector inside. and it remains the same until i restart the car, Its a bit upward or downwards, Is this something happened to other MZ3 owners or should I just tell the dealer to replace or something? It's kind of frustrating .