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  1. Wash the car as often as possible. Before you begin washing the car, ensure it's out of direct daylight. To start with, hose off any gathered dirt. At that point, utilizing a delicate cotton glove and a delicate car chemical, give the car a shower. In the event that there are zones where obstinate street tar or bug splatter won't fall off effectively, utilize an auto itemizing dirt bar to expel the stores securely so you don't scratch it. At the point when the outside is perfect, flush it to evacuate any cleaning item deposit. Apply a high-quality wax. There's nothing superior to anything a shower and hand drying took after by a rich layer of wax. Waxing is done to avoid sun harm to auto paint from bright radiation and help stop contamination, coarseness, and soil from holding fast to the complete and causing setting.
  2. Stef.an


    I agree with you here. They really have huge rent fee here that it can greatly affect your budget
  3. Stef.an


    Well, everyone feels the burden of this tax. Almost everything increase in price
  4. Stef.an


    Welcome to the community, Arbee! Enjoy the company
  5. Well, I guess he has a lot of money that's why he repeats the same violation
  6. Welcome to the community, brotha! Hope you enjoy our company here
  7. Well, this is really a much awaited event! Petrolheads deserves to be at this kind of events
  8. Hello there. Welcome to the community! Feel free to share your knowledge and stories! Kudos
  9. Hello there! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. Spread love!
  10. The struggle is real!!!
  11. @Ren13 This is really exotic cars! LOL. One of a kind! I wonder how much each of these
  12. BMW i8 - Overrated Mercedes G63 - Powerful Roll Royce Phantom - Class Lamborghini Aventador - Beast there are still other mentionable cars but these are my pick
  13. Yes. In addition, this won't last long. It is just a short term aid. Not for the long run. If you're going to find high quality. But it's really hard to find a quality car wrap so I would recommend you to go for the paint job. It's the right choice, indeed.
  14. Kudos to this community! Keep it up! I'm really grateful that I'm part of this!
  15. Yes, indeed. It depends on where are you going to use it more. It will be essential to determine the use in order to weigh on which would suit him more. But for me, I would pick Patrol
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