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  1. I recommend that you get a light bar that has Cree LEDs for durability and better light output.
  2. Try arabianautoparts also. Your can search for parts from different stores, salvage yards and trading auto parts shops.
  3. May be the compressor has a bad bearing also.
  4. Vehicle's in the southern part of US usually have bigger radiators and these cars are GCC spec'ed.
  5. I always hear good things about the Leatherique products though I have no experience using them yet.
  6. Have you checked the transmission fluid level?
  7. I still find it cute. Would love to have one for my dog.
  8. I must say that it turned out really nice. May I know the total cost?
  9. First time to hear about the foil a car, though it looks cool.
  10. Without the sensor, you car will run rich because it thinks that it is in warm up mode already.
  11. Just want to add another tip. The chalk method is another way to know the perfect pressure for your tires. Just google about it.
  12. Is that a complete kit? My JK is currently has Teraflex suspension lift kit. It performs well off the road. Ride quality is not too bouncy when driving on the highway.
  13. I'm thinking of buying an xdrive in the near future. How's the ride quality compared to other models?
  14. Thread revival. Applying protectant that offers UV protection can preserve the original look of the dash and prevent it from cracking.
  15. The first one is a drop-in filter and the second one is a CAI which can provide more air to flow thus providing more sound and a little bit of power.
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