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  1. Thank you Asif Bhai @Asif Hussain for having this drive that was absolutely amazing. Driving on tall dunes and at a faster pace was a new experience for me. Learnt an important lesson this drive but a little harder way - Never take your eyes off the tracks. Many thanks to @Rahimdad, @Asif Hussain and @skumar83 for your guidance and support during the drive that helped me continue.
  2. I was a passenger in our Superman's @Rahimdad car and had the opportunity to watch him behind the wheels and learn from him. Thanks, Rahim Bhai. The drive was very challenging with sharp medium and small dunes and lots of soft patches. But Rahim Bhai, with his years of experience and skills, was driving with ease through out the entire drive. Since we were the last car in the convoy, I was able to see Sree @skumar83 and Asif Bhai @Asif Hussain drive. Though they suffered a few pop-outs and struggled at a few places, they handled the drive very well. In addition to the Marshals, Basel's @baselsm83 driving was very impressive. The view of the sunrise in the desert was absolutely amazing. It felt like all the dunes were rising with the sunrise. Special thanks to Gaurav Bhai @Gaurav for fixing all the pop-outs. You have set a record by fixing 6 pop-outs in a single drive. Your record would have been much higher if I was driving. Overall, the drive was fantastic and it was a pleasure to be with you all.
  3. Driving around curves at 120? We wish to see you again in one piece. Drive safely.
  4. Saleem Bhai, I was hoping you would respond. So, I am already prepared for all that. If you are in, then I am with you.
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