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  1. @Barry, My Car has clocked 170,000.00 kms , I am regularly changing Oil every 10k , Changed the Timing Belt at 120k, Changed Spark Plugs @ 140k , Now want to get the Car checked just so that I don't have major issues, What service I should do, This Major service, Minor Service and Full service is confusing, Habtoor will rip me off, I changed Timing belts from Your Garage, Advice me on this, I will call Iserviceanycar, Thanks for information you give all the time\
  2. Habtoor insists that we should Change Oil and Filter every 5000 Kms, Nowadays they use synthetic Oil, Uptil 100,000 Kms I changed every 5000 Kms, Keeping the Car for every Oil Change was Pain , and The labor of Habtoor has become very expensive, For couple of last service I changed for 15000 Kms from XADO and I see no problems , and each Time XADO garage flushes the engine, and the Car is smooth, Any advices on oil Change after kilometers.
  3. This is very insightful information ; I really appreciate all the inputs ; it's made my life easier driving a great car
  4. Great it worked, Just changed the Spark Plugs and the car is back to Normal, Will change the Air Filter and Fuel Tank Filter in next Oil Change, Thank you very much\
  5. Nowadays they say irrdium spark plugs are better and give better fuel efficiency, Is it okay to change for normal spark plugs or go for Iridium ones or their is any connection with Spark Pluga nd Fuel efficiency, Any reliable garage in Sharjah or Dubai wher can I get the sprk plugs changed
  6. Can you recommend any reliable Shop to get the spare parts for Pajero, in Dubai or Sharjah
  7. Driving style not Changed, But I am doing service from outside Garage, Because Mitsubishi has become expensive and each service they come up with changing something and at exorbitant prices, Ok Good advice will change Spark Plugs , Filter etc, its time to change.
  8. I have Pajero 3.5 2014 Model, Full Tank used to generally give me 450 Kilometers till the Fuel Tank used to start empty indicator.Nowadays at only 350 Kms it comes to empty indicator starts, I tried to put some fuel boosters available in the Petrol Stations, But cannot see any improvement, Can anyone advice , weather I require Engine Tune up, I have completed 138000 Kms, Otherwise the Car is very good and excellent fuel efficeincy this started from this May. Would appreciate any inputs
  9. I am really thankful for the quick response Mitsubishi has quoted approximately 7.5k. What should be reasonable prize for the belt
  10. After how many kilometers is it recommended to change the Timing Belt?? If we bring the Timing Belt from UK or China weather is it worth it?? How Much will be Total Cost of Timing Belt replacemet with Service is UAE
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