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  1. What an awesome pics ... Cant wait to see the video ..😎
  2. guyz. i was also having a same issue 3 years back , i have Honda Accord 2010. whn i came to know that, i rushed almost everywhere even in Honda Service they said, approx cost will be around 5000. i found one guy in shj ind area 15, main road just nearby Khan sahab building. he advise me to change the power steering pump with new accord model but same shape. so i he fitted 2013 model accord American accord and sinc now i have no issue, no leakage nothing. and it's cost me just 950 with steering pump+labour charge 😎😎
  3. woww !! thats amazing @GauravBhai. looking forward to see you guyz. excitement level is on top gear. 😎
  4. Last time we went to Dreamland on Gaurav Bhai's Birthday. curtesy Rahim Bhai (Suparman). let's see if we get a good deal at Ice Land Water Part (RAK).😎
  5. Once again its a great opportunity for me to meet and greet Carnity members. Thank you @Gaurav Bhai to initiate this particular Desert training session, i'm always up to learn and accept new challenges. I tried so hard to buy 4X4 through out the week, found few of them and short listed with the great advises from the one and only desert King @RahimdadBhai, will soon select one. unfortunately don't have a 4X4 now, please advise the availability so that i can join.
  6. Thanks to all fantabulas drivers specially @GauravBhai and the desert king @RahimdadBhai for great desert experience. unfortunately i didn't drove but you guyz will notice my skills once you see me bashing with the dune on my 4X4 soon. there was some points we got furstrated but we didn't lose our team enthusiasm to help each others. Great team effort guys and will love to see you soon InshaAllah.
  7. Guyz, I'm driving Accord from last 6 years, i got some small small issues but i fixed it in time, thats actually the requirement of any vehicle that you driving. If you make a rapid turn specially in Accord then don't press sudden breaks, just release the accelerator otherwise if you hit breaks then its a chance that your Accord may skird and loose control in no time.
  8. @Rahimdad Bhai thank you for adding me at this great Water venture program, will see you at meeting point. InshaAllah
  9. 😀 Rahim Bhai I'm IN... If i managed to arrange 4X4, that would be great, else i will join for sure at meeting point.
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